I want to start a NGO.

Please give me suggestion & guidance to start NGO.

Any reference or guideline to start NGO will be highly appreciated...:-)

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Even I have to start one, however we started the activities way back in 2010. Rules are different in different states, and in case of Maharashtra, you need to apply as a Co-operative society. However under the Union act of India, you can also apply under the Societies Registration Act with the help of any lawyer.

Direct application can be done to the Charities Commissioner, however I would suggest you should take the help of a lawyer. There are a lot of companies professionally helping people in this aspect like:

You can also register a section 25 company instead of a society as a Sec-25 company is registered under the regional ROC (since its a feature under the Company Act, 1956) which is much more professional and automated as compared to the offices responsible for Society Registration Act.

You can reach me at:

Thanks a lot for your suggestion.

i would like to have more discussion over it.

Please provide me your number

Please send me an email to:


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