Hi all,

I am glad to announce that my startup: https://trainingalley.com (Training Alley) is up and running. It aims to provide a platform where learners (across all age groups) meet trainers/instructors (across all domains).  It provides a platform where trainers can sell training in any format online. That is, you can not only sell training videos like Udemy or Lynda, but also interactive eLearning along with online Event-Based Training. So, you can sell:

  • Online Videos that you have produced
  • Interactive eLearning
  • WebEx, Skype or Google Hangout events wherein you will teach through an online medium

To get the site totally running, I am looking for partner trainers or EXPERTS in any domain who are willing to record their training videos and sell them online through our platform. We can help in producing the videos as long as you have the content ready for the training. 

Who Can Teach

Almost anyone who is a subject matter expert. Read this blog for more details:


How can you sell training online with us?

Please watch this video: https://trainingalley.com/#how-to-upload-training

You can get in touch with me for more details at: lokesh@check-n-click.com or lokesh.sahal@trainingalley.com.

All ideas and suggestions are welcome.




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