Hi ,

 Need help from Ionic Mobile App developer. I have source code for one mobile application.

We are developing same application in Native iPhone/Android, We are missing information, need help to know API related things from the application source.

It will great someone help.. 

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Hello Neelam,
I can surely help you in your technical part. Can you call me on 9404160364?

Suyog Talekar

send your resume on : pallavi.phadke@gmail.com

Hi Neelam, 

Can help you with your tech requirement. Call me on 7558260851. 


send your resume on : pallavi.phadke@gmail.com

Please see my LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/in/gdgupte

I am Vijay Katake, freelance IT Professional having 15 + Yrs. Experience in .Net, PHP, Android Development. Looking project's in Website,Website - Design, portal, e-commerce, desktop, android, SQL-server, Bootstrap Technologies. And Like minded business people's.

To reach me, write on vijukatake@gmail.com or call on +919604781258


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