I am looking for a cofounder, funds and a lot of free/ paid customers for Kommbox. We are also looking for guidance from the wise to get these.

Kommbox is a relatively new but a very powerful concept. We are into the business communications space. It's important because good communication is the backbone of employee engagement, project success, customer relations, key business decisions and many others.

The market is global and huge, and on radar of all the industry giants. Playing the game at the micro scale that we currently operate on will just not work.

Very few ventures of this stature are attempted in India. If we succeed, it will make not only our team but the whole nation proud.

Seeking all the help that we can get at this juncture to help us succeed. Please contact me directly if you can help in any way.

I have attached an intro slide deck and the URL is http://kommbox.com. One may check how easy-to-use it is by signing up for a FREE account for your organization. We get roughly 1 signup a day presently. We are also selected for Pune Connect and #PNGrowth.

Kind regards,

98900 56365

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Where all do you see this product being applied? what is your target market??

What kind of testing and pilots done for the product?

how is it different from share mailboxes??




The email model has basic limitations when applied in an organization. For example, shared mailboxes solve the concern of one way delivery, but it's difficult to keep track of who has responded and keep everyone in the loop in the responses. Email also has the tendency to get loads of unrelated messages.

What organizations need is something which is flexible and versatile just like email, but is more tuned to support the organizational way of working (such as: working in teams which are dynamic in nature), so that the information is very easily found, even by people who are not around today. That's what Kommbox is.

Since you are a CA, imagine having a good track of the documents your clients need to furnish to you and by which date -- for your team and for the client. It is possible with email but needs some discipline, whereas it's a no-brainer with Kommbox.

We have applied Kommbox to a variety of scenarios. On the Product page http://kommbox.com/product you will find a couple of white papers on how Kommbox can be used in banks and in software services organizations.

Hope this answers your questions.

Hi Ashish,

1> Can you explain the product in detail. Your website is unfortunately extremely slow and difficult to use at this point but your product concept does look interesting.  Unless I've not understood it correctly, there already are several offerings in the market already doing this and include more features like project management & team collaborative workspaces. Are you doing anything differently ?


2> Your website experience & online communication could really use a strong revamp. Having been a digital marketing / communications professional, i can tell you with certainty that it does not communicate the level of sophistication or inspire confidence, as required from an enterprise level professional product. 

3> What are you looking for, from a co-founder ? what are you willing to give in return ?

You'll find more about me on my linkedIn profile here : https://www.linkedin.com/in/dwathare

Please connect on dhaval@digiquake.com if it looks interesting to you.

4> Do you have a Marketing + UI/UX design team in place ? Do you have budgets for marketing spend ?




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