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We are anticipating significant traffic coming soon.  I want to migrate our website to a server that will be responsive to spikes in traffic and is reliable. We will need MySQL also. It needs to be locked down for security and ideally it should have an interface that I am used to currently which means cPanel or something like it.

I need a consultant to recommend a service and also help us with the migration.  Please send your proposals to sales@podrones.com

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Have sent an email to you. Please check once.

This link should give you a fairly good indication of the top webhosts in India 2018. These are reqular cPanel webhosts and you pay some fixed amount per month.


Or alternatively you can look at Amazon AWS, and it suits exactly to your needs - Cloud based Webhosting.

You can add resources (servers, storage) as you go and upscale your website.


However, this setup is more complex and requires an expert to setup your website.


If you are still looking to migrate to AWS, I can help. 

I have worked quite a lot in AWS and can help you in migration. 

Let me know. 

- Sumit

Hello aniruddha sir,

we are from Shro systems Pvt Ltd- AWS Standard partner  also active member of Pune coffee club. We have good Expertise in Cloud Migration, deployment , managed Services , Big data and AI. We have certified resources for the same. We shared our company profile on sales@podrones.com

Kindly share your contact  number to discuss on the same.


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