Dear Friends,

I am working on a new project called My Billion Trees.It's a not for profit project. It's a dream project that gives ownership to every human being across the globe to plant trees and contribute towards a healthy planet.
We are looking for startups who would like to participate.
Basically plant atleast a tree and take care of it until it can sustain itself. It's monsoon now and what better time to plant than now?
Sponsor trees and be involved in tree planting...we'll be posting it on our FB Page
We want to do this every Sunday with a startup. You can choose your venue and number of trees you want to plant.
Would any of you be interested in planting tree next Sunday? We already have a startup who wants to plant trees next to next Sunday. 

If you are interested please fill the Google Form here:

Best Regards

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Sincere best wishes for the project. A must project  while seeing  Pune losing its greenery too fast. 

Thanks Prashant. Let me know if you're interested in planting trees in Pune.

I have got some timing issues due to work and pesonal matter. 

However I get a chance, I will reach you out and bring my son as well. 

Sounds good Prashant

Hi Keerthi,

This is a real good initiative! i am eager to know if you are doing outside Pune as well. please do explain how exactly the process is so that we can understand it clearly.



Hi Levine, 

So sorry for the delayed response. Well, this is a project where we want to encourage people to plants trees and take care of them until they can sustain themselves. This project can be taken up anywhere in the world. How it works is- you plants saplings either in your own backyard or any public place with prior permission and take pictures of the planting done. You post those pics on our Facebook Group- and let the world know about it. You can ask your friends to do the same and also invite them to plant trees anywhere they want. Keep posting pictures on the group and let the world know that we are doing our bit to keep our planet green. Please let me know if you have any questions. 


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