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If you Guys Are Looking out for Linux Desktop Solutions Platforms, 

We Can Provide it

1) We Extensively Provide Linux Desktop Solutions That are Easy to Switch to For Windows Users, by providing the closest Look and Feel and also able to Setup Experience Centers For your Employees that will Help them Migrate to Linux Platforms Easily.

2) We Help Bring down IT Licencing Costs to your Organisation by nearly 70% by helping you switch over to Opensource Easy to use free technology.

3) We can Integrate these Systems into your Existing Windows AD Setup easily and Seamlessly.

4) W can Also Help you migrate your email Servers from Windows Email Servers to Linux Email Servers which helps get rid of your heavy Outlook Licencing Costs for each node and Further Forced Technological Upgrade Costs from Microsoft. IT Will Bring Down Cost by nearly one tenth.

5) Ubuntu Desktops are Secure Very Sturdy/ Robust Systems they are also Virus and Malware free for life so you do not end up with spending on Antivirus Programs and Calling on Technical IT Engineers for Frequent Systems Crashes, Resolving Hacks and System Slowdowns. 

6) Our Technologies can Also Help Some of your existing Windows Specific Software Seamlessly work on a Ubuntu Linux Platform Seamlessly without the need for re-programming / redevelopment for Linux.

7) Free Office Software that can open/ edit can save existing Microsoft Office files and resave these documents in the same formats.


Do Contact us for Best Low Cost Solutions

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