We are up with launching a website where users can find venues and halls for their celebrations or events through the list of hundreds of venues.

Megavenues.com is focusing on creating great experience to it's venue searcher so that they can find suitable venues in their town. Currently, we have venues for PuneMumbaiBangaloreHyderabadGoa, Delhi and Chennaiwill slowly expand in other states and overseas.

Megavenues.com will list banquet halls, birthday party venues, wedding and reception venues, open air party venues, business meeting and conference venues for people of all age groups. We will slowly focus on corporate tie-ups for their outdoor activities and events

At Megavenues.com users can find list of all kind of halls and venues for their celebrations on preferred dates across preferred locations.

We are looking for suggestions from Punestartups on ”Idea development, Marketing strategy, Global launch, Users engagement and +/- sides of idea” so that we can make necessary changes to the website.

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Update: New city Kolkata has been added to the portal.

Update: New city Ahmedabad has been added to the portal.

Mansoor Shaikh

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Hi Mansoor,

I have just visited your website Megavenues.com, its nice. How do you get the data from the hotels? You are looking for any agency or you already hire resources for this work?



Hello Ramesh,

Thanks for appreciating our website.

We have sales persons across country who go to hotel and collect the data.  


  The first look looks good. Good workflow and user interaction. 

I will try using it and give you guys an input.

Good Luck !!

Hey thank you for taking interest in our portal.

Let us know if you face any issue or query.

Dear Mansoor,

I have visited your website and the concept is really good. As you are looking for suggestion on marketing strategy, i would like to introduce our company TLG Media Solution. Though we are not in suggesting in Marketing Strategy but we have come up with very good Advertising channel in Hinjewadi area.

It is a matter of great delight to inform you  that our company has introduced  “Outdoor Digital (LED) Display Board” first time in the Hinjewadi Pune. Hinjewadi is the  IT hub with Tier1 companies like Infosys, wipro, CTS, IBM, Tech Mahindra, Capgemini and TCS. It is very popular, growing and happening area of Pune.

 Please let me know your email address where i can send detailed presentation of our services else you can contact us on 9881231049.


Hello Bhosale,

Its great to have these kind of marketing aspect. Currently, we are focusing on digital marketing so nearest future if we need offline hording we will contact you. Thanks for your reply.

Hello Mansoor,

Thanks for sharing this site with us. It is really a nice site for reaching our favorite venue from our home. If someone conducting any kind of function, It is a biggest challenge to find out Suitable venue. You guys are making it easy. Good luck.... :)

Hey Khushboo,

Thanks and I really appreciate your response for the website. We always look after to support and help people who finds venues for their functions. Our portal is one of kind that let you ask inquiries directly to the venue hotel so that you get instant reply and quote.

Hi Mansoor,

At the onset a very good idea to cover venues which was hitherto not covered

A few points to ponder

1) There are no prices or price range mentioned, so this could be a turn off as it means no real time info. Im not sure what the TAT is when someone clicks on Send enquiry but in an online world everything is expected in a jiffy. The user has to be engaged on the site till he gets what he wanted you dont want to risk him going away from your site and not coming back, this issomething the hotels use very well where u could book online directly for rooms

2) Im not sure about the revenue model, But the question is what if someone directly sends or contacts the hotel or the venue. How would you know ??

Just thinking out loud



Dear Dylan,

Thanks for replying and taking your time to analyze website...Really appreciated.

1. Our data team is working on the ground work for data and we intend to make that live by 10th June

2. Our main vision is to enable users to get in touch with venues as quickly as possible and ease the process of selecting a venue. So we are not tracking all connections.The site is already generating good lead volume for venues, and all of them are taking us seriously as part of their digital marketing budget. So our revenue is mainly based on promotional packages that venues use to gain additional exposure generate more leads.

We are also coming up with lead management and marketing automation tools for venues.



I have already given your site to our HR team when we conduct meetings/trainings and events for our team, will use this for sure. Thanks!!

Thank you so much...

Let me know if you require anything from our side. We will happy to help you.. :)


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