Meetup with Gautam Patel from Battery Ventures on Friday, Mar 27 @ 2pm

DATE CHANGE: the meetup is going to be on Fri, Mar 27 @2pm.

Gautam Patel, Managing Director, India at Battery Ventures is going to be in Pune on Mar 20 and wants to spend the afternoon meeting with Pune startup community. You can read more on Gautam at:

Venue: TBD
Date & Time: Fri, Mar 27, 11am
11am - 12pm: Talk by Gautam, followed by a general Q&A.
1:30pm - 5pm: 1-1 with signed up startups (20 mins each).

If you are a Startup interested in having a 1 on 1 with Gautam later in the session, please leave a comment below or email me at unmesh_at_sadakmap_dot_com
and include the following:
1. Name of the startup
2. Website
3. Names of those attending from your startup

List of startups signed up for the 1 on 1:
1. Onion Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,, Prashant Sachdev
2. ThinkingSpace Technologies Pvt. Ltd,, Saurabh Jain, Gaurang Sinha and Rishi Agarwal (all founders)
3. Embedded Computing Machines Pvt. Ltd., Sunu Engineer
4. Mobiteem,, Aditya Kulkarni
5. Lipikaar,, Anjali Gupta & Santosh Dawara
6. MQuotient Solutions Ltd.,, Vibhushan Waghmare & Sreejith Narayanan
7. PuneTech,, Navin Kabra & Amit Paranjape
8.,, Jai Kumar
9.,, Anand Kulkarni
10. ezeeChoice, website under construction, Sanjay Hora

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Hello Unmesh,

I am Sunu Engineer, CTO, Embedded Computing Machines Pvt. Ltd. I would like to have discussion with Mr. Patel regarding one of our new product lines. Please add my name to the list.
I want to have a 1-1 conversation i am a consultant specifically in business development (Strategies)and where is TBD?


Sunil Joshi


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