low cost marketing but not the stereotype, some thing out of the box, definitely not flyers, emails or to use your own network.

So what are the ways for low cost marketing for any start ups

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Did you make it to Alok Kejriwal and Anuj Khurana's talk?
Yes, I was there, but i guess their main focus was more on online marketing or effective use of internet as a marketing tool, still as of now the internet penetration is less or how much targeted customer uses the internet is a question, so in order to focus that left out market space what are the low cost marketing options we can think of.
You mean something other than social networks? Twitter has great traction! This is one of the blog posts on twitter, might give you an idea of how a startup can use twitter
Social network is an great idea , if you look at the statistics below :-

55.5 millions uses internet and 376 millions uses mobile phones out of that there are around 15-20% mobile phones are internet enabled and if you look at the population of india and if you compare this stats with our population still we are not able to reach to big market space who does not use internet or even mobile phones.

The concern is how to reach to them, i will love to know any other solution which falls under low cost marketing.
perhaps i missed any thread but still dont see whom you plan to target.. the urban/rural guys, any particular economic group, any particular state/village and reaching to each of these might require some diff. ideas/approaches..
if we talk of non-digital approaches (no internet, no mobile but bricks and mortars - low cost) few ideas -
a. how about tapping the rickshaws /private jeepwalas/volvo walas - travelling betn 2 villages/cities and having your message painted/stuck near the meter or seats (you cover a huge market)
b. how about developing a tissue paper holder with your msg/prod logo and kept in restaurants
c. forming /holding a kids summer camp - tying up with some local grp at low cost thereby inviting their parents with them (you get 2 parents with 1 kid)
d. how about tapping the beggars in a city and asking them to distribute the pamphlets (they get a livelihood and its a unusual experience for the customer to receive something from the beggar ! perhaps for the first time)

I guess understanding your target audience /group is more imp and then could come up with focused ideas than the random ideas above.
wish you all the best ..
-- sunil
Hi Sunil,

The targeted crowed is definitely youth in the urban areas specifically in the age group between 16 to 25, who can spend between Rs. 50 to Rs. 300.

I like the first option of rickshawallas may be he can distribute the information to his passenger once he boards in.

Tissue paper holder will attract cost because once need to product in large quantity and secondly why any restaurant will keep it inside their space without their branding on it and even though the branding is there still whether how much they are concern about their own brand.

Beggars - there is a possibility my brand will loose the image there itself. So the positioning will become a difficult task.

I am thinking of using Indian Railways especially the trains traveled between pune-mumbai-pune. There is a process to take the permission to do it but i think i can reach to the targeted audience to some extent.

Secondly i will tie up with panwallas who can handover the leaflet to his customers.

Will love to know your opinion on this.
If you are concerned about the image, then I wonder how paanwaalas will help. It all depends on the kind of product as well, and the image (brand) that you want to create. Do NOT do it the wrong way, even "just to start with" --as it will cost you dearly in the long run.


what is the product that we are planning to sell is very important for deciding what strategy should be adopted, if you can mention what is the product or service, good ideas will come up


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