I have a work ex of nearly 8 years in the IT industry and am now looking at exploring opportunities outside the big MNC space. It would be a pleasure to work with a startup as thats where I believe is the true learning. Please do write back to me incase you are looking for someone experienced on the functional side to support your initiative.




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Thanks for connecting with me on POCC. My experience includes that of a Business Analyst in software- where the role basically consists of client interaction, requirements gathering, team co-ordination, functional testing, transition of functional requirements to the developers, Demo sessions with our clients, etc. I do not have hardcore programming experience as I have been working on the business layer of IT system. Please provide me your email id, so that I could send across my profile for your consideration.



Hello SV,

Can you send your CV to nishat@skovian.com so that we can get to know your profile better and see if we have any suitable role open for you?

Hello SV,

pls mail me your profile at sanjay@bslion.in in order to explore further

Kind Regards / Sanjay

Hi Sneh,

Can you send me your profile as well. We are a software services company focusing on Cloud/SaaS based application development projects.  Definitely a startup environment with a lot to learn and have fun as well :-)


an it co. in baroda is looking for multiple aplicants . contact them if interested at  ali@indianic.com.

in the meanwhile if you can volunteer 2 hours a week for social cause sendingn mails /letters for causes like ADULTERATION OF MILK consumed by our kids leading to many serious diseases like autism, adhd, paralasys, stunted growth etc which you wouldnt like your childeren to get

if interested call me on  09766594544  0r   om.pune @yahoo.in 


I want Game Developers - Professionals who have experience of developing games on android and facebook.
Requirement is urgent.

Could you send your CV/experience details on contact@nugenix.co.in 

Or call immediately on +91-8888853821.

Best Regards

Hi Vishwa !

I found your link interesting and useful  as I have also left MNC job and looking forward to work / partner with startup.

By any chance , do you have any contact number where I can inquire about more details  such as whether they arrange Saturday meetups in Pune  every month ? Registration charges ? If we can't attend for some reason, would we get contact info. of startups etc ....


- Mandakini

Are these Saturday meetups once in a month ? Also are you aware of the charges

Hello Mandakini,

You can reach me at 9766243789 to get all info. I manage SSPune along with other volunteers.

Yes. We organize SSPune once a month around a theme. 

Lets talk.


Hi SV,

Please send me your contact and profile details on kishordeokar1981@gmail.com



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