Hi I am looking to setup a Buffalo Farm 30 KM from Pune. Working on a business plan currently. Any ideas suggestions and investments are most welcome.



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Hi Rahul, sure.. I am travelling currently. Is there an email ID i can send that to ?
Hi Ajay,

I have seen rarely anyone from our generation who wants to venture into buffalo farming....it is very nice and gutsi of u...all the best for your venture and wish u good luck.


Thank you Smita. Hope everything goes as planned :)
Good Luck. If you need any help, let me know. I know few people whose advise can be very beneficial.
On a lighter note,

Is it for buffalo milk, or buffalo meat? :)

It usually is buffalo milk,
I Just had a Thought

Can you See Option of Goat's Milk (This is not Available in market)

Chalange You may Face
1 ) Showing Goat's Milk to Public (In us Now Goat mild is Prefered Over Cow's Milk)

Visit http://altmedangel.com/milkcomp.htm

2 ) marketing to General Public

As i have heard that it is much more Healther & Benificial

Hi All What do u think on this idea
I would Like to Correct the Above Entry
Challenges / Opportunity
1) No One is There In market so we have to show the Value to Public (Benefits)
2) Reaching to People
3) If Doctor Recommends it will give a Great Start
4 )..
Satish  Are you interested in Goat farming? do let me know ..  at sannu99@rediffmail.com
Thats really nice idea. Go ahead and achieve success. Keep us updated.

Sandeep Shelke, iKnowledge Academy, Pune.
sandeep@i-knowledge.in | http://i-knowledge.in


What's the Progress, even may be i would also like to be a part of the project (like the Goat Farming Option)



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