Looking to set up a Video Conference Huddle Room - looking for advice on best hardware options

Hi Everyone,

I need to set up a video conference (huddle room size) in my office. I looked into Cromebox and its like 2.5 laks...

Does anyone have any advice, contacts for my requirement?

- system should work with any/all platforms: skype, google hangouts, gotomeeting, etc.

- high quality video and noise cancelling speakers (since I don't want clients hearing the wedding happening down the road!)

- I will need a separate system to operate it. I don't want my laptop being used to run it. (Hence why we looked at Cromebox as an option)

- I have YouBroadband and its about 150mbps DL and 200mbps UL on wifi and faster through cable

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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Buy a laptop and buy bluejeans (www.bluejeans.com). It works with Skype, Google hangouts etc. I think this combination would be cheaper.


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