Hi folks,

 I know how difficult it is to get investment for a great idea and the time it takes to actually get the money - 6 months to 1 year - if you are lucky!

I've, therefore,  decided to offer a window of an opportunity to some one with a great idea and the sincerity plus hard work  to get it running profitably. For this, I am willing to fund a startup to a maximum of Rs 5 lakhs.

Being an individual investor, I have no redtape or complex rules. You simply put up your idea, talk to me, and if you can convince me I can start investing as early as in a week or two.

Please note,  no crazy MLM or get-rich quick schemes. It MUST be a honest business where the customer gets value for money and does NOT get scammed!

I am OK with ANY vertical or sector provided the plan has  good returns, even in the short term. Please do note that I am no philanthropist(!) I DO want to grow my investment and make profits. So the plan MUST be ready, doable AND sellable. 

Well. that's all that I have to say.

So if you are 200% convinced that you can make it big on your idea,  feel free to email me at ideas@hcitconsultant.com with your pitch with the following details:

Who am I: (5 lines max)

My contact: name, mobile, land line, address, email

What do I do right now: (5 lines max)

What is the idea: (5 lines max)

How does it work: (20 lines max)

Why am I the right person to do it: (10 lines max)

Why will it succeed: (10 lines max)

What will I do to prevent it from failing(other than praying): (10 lines max)

Let me explain how much profit I can make within (a) 3 months, (b) 6 months: (10 lines max)

How much and how soon do I need and in what  installments: (5 lines max)

How do I pay back, if I fail: (5 lines max)

Any thing else I can think of that will convince the 'money man': (5 lines max)


Dr Lavanian

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Are you interested in helping startups outside pune also?

Pune startups only.

Dear Friends,

I am happy to state that 'bright ideas' asking for funding have started pouring in. That's the good news. The not very good news is that many of them have not really been thought over/planned well. A couple of suggestions:

1. Make sure that your product has an USP (unique selling proposition) .Ask yourself, "If I see this in the market, will I jump to buy it?" If yes, then it could be a good idea else, back to the drawing board.

2. Price it sensibly and calculate all costs (especially hidden costs), else it will NOT sell.

3. *Most importantly* have a cast iron selling plan. A product (however brilliant) is of no use sitting unsold.

4. Ask for funds sensibly and as per your real needs.  Remember, I share a part of your profits and the more your ask for, the more you will need to give back to me. 

It was good sharing my thoughts with all of you.  And keep those ideas coming!

“If u have a vision of one year plant rice, vision for five years plant a mango tree and if u have a vision of 100 years start a school”

EUREKA Preschool, Daycare, Activity and Training center is a partnership firm between Myself Adwait Date and Speaking Tree educational institution, located in fast growing IT and Educational hub of Pune city i.e. Magarpatta city which has more than 8000 residents for different religion , social backgrounds,  rich and poor.

In the very first year of operations we have 25 admissions in the school and 6 in Daycare, recently we have been empanelled with a leading I.T company which is present Pan India for their Daycare sponsorship program for their employees. we are confident that in the next academic year we will definitely cross 50 Admissions and with more focus on Daycare and other things mentioned above we will be able to generate more revenue. 

Currently we need to raise more capital to scale up to the new heights as more and more value added things are required which will address our value proposition of Educate, Empower and Evolve as the 21st century Preschool with best in class Teachers, and infrastructure that will nourish interactive learning and bring about holistic development.

We have not left any stone unturned to approach different financial institutes or HNI investors but the challenge we are facing is being a new venture they are not ready to invest their trust and money.  I require your help in this regard as we have approached the Cooperative banks for raising funds of up to 5 lacs but they are not ready to give loan on cash credit basis or OD because we are in service sector and the place is also rented and they disburse mortgage loan. I have also submitted project report but banks are adamant in giving loan keeping that in mind and they compulsory require security deposit of up to 40% of loan amount incase of liquid assets.

 Through this mail I wanted to share with you my heartfelt feelings and request you to kindly guide me in funding this project,  

I would require your email-id 2 send you a detailed project report which includes the things you have mentioned.

Adwait Date

Managing Partner,


I like it, pretty straight and to the point.

I have a product already running in the market, its a global LBS based app; I need funds for the enhancement, expansion and  marketing; Returns will be in long terms not in 1 year at least. Need 2L per month for next 2 years; revenue will start probably after 1 year but not in the ratio of investments. :).  Gradually some big whale will eat this small fish. So i m looking for investors who see returns in a long term;

But i like your idea of funding for the startups even if in a small way;  

Thanks for such offering for the startups...



My wife Suggestion: Buy Gold. This will give you the safe return.

I think that you want to get other person work for you with this 5lacs. I wish you all my best wishes to get the success.

You have articulated your points very clearly which has enriched the people looking for funds.



Hello Dr Lavanian,

First and foremost, I liked the way you've put your investment intentions very clearly. I also hope genuine individuals find your investment and you too make your profits from the investment. 

I am an aspiring entrepreneur too with a vast and varied real world experience in different industries and professionals from different backgrounds. Hope to keep connected to you in the long run.

My wishes for your investment!



Having quite some professional years behind me, I am wondering which guarantee do the people have when they tell their story & give all details that their ideas are not be copied ? There are many stories known like this.

Will be glad to read.



there is no such thing as a unique idea. none. many startups very arrogantly think that what they have is unique. however the chances that out of a 6 billion people in the world, only one person has a truly unique idea is very very very low.

so what i am saying is that there is absolutely no harm in talking about your ideas. in fact the more openly you talk about the more chances that people will get interested in it either as investors, as employees or as acquirors.


1. If you will go just with the idea, there is a risk and you cant avoid it because you need money anyhow and you are ready to take that risk.

2. IMPORTANT: VC and others fund such ppl/ideas - who already are in the business/market though in a small way. Means you already implemented your idea and you are into the market with your service/product now for expansion, enhancement or marketing you need funds. This way they see your capability, seriousness and idea converted to product/solution/service and which is live in the market and it will take short time period to generate money :)

Hope you understand.



Dear sir, would u like to invest in existing startup for its further expansion? 

Hi Dhiraj,


I am an investor and looking to invest in a promising business.

You can send me the details @ 1984.faizan@gmail.com





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