Looking for Web Based HR & Payroll System in an OpenSource technology


POCC has been very helpful. We have always got very good response on all my posts and have outsourced using this platform only.

We are currently looking for a browser based Full fledged Payroll and HR system built in an open-source technology only. Preferably in JAVA.

Kindly dont contact in case:

1.The application is built in Microsoft technologies or is a client server architecture based application.

2. Application is not ready and you intend to build the same. (As we are looking for the ready product only)

In case the system is up to the mark we are in position to close the deal immediately.

Interested people should email on anuragabcl@gmail.com or call on 9158221221.


Anurag P. Bhusari

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Check sumHR.com


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