We ( Dheeti Technologies )are a Pune based IT consulting & product development startup. We are looking to hire developers with strong software engineering background. We are looking for Back End as well as Front End Developers. Full Stack developers are more than welcome.

Why work for Dheeti?

  • Learning newer, better ways of developing software.Learning CI/CD, Devops, Cloud Computing,Agile & doing them the right way.
  • Directly working with customers who are developing products ground up.We are passionate about making our customers successful
  • No managers, no leads. You come onboard, you own your growth


  • Should have atleast 8 years of hands on programming experience. We right now can not support people with less experience however smart they might be.
  • Willing to independently learn new programming languages/frameworks. All our team members have learnt atleast 2 new languages/frameworks in last 1 year.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Should ideally be staying in vicinity of our office in Kothrud. We do not like our team members to spend long time in commute. We would rather have you spend that time either making your family or your customer happy.
  • Any female candidates who come with a good technical background , may not be working right now but are interested in opportunities feel free to apply.We follow highly flexible work schedules

Please share your CV at dheeti.technologies@gmail.com

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