I am looking for PHP developers in pune, if interested please send your cv on hr@cuelogic.co.in

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Hi Pranam,


Hope you are doing good. Dropping a message because we specialize in supporting growing SME's. We can provide you a reliable and valuable platform to meet all your hiring targets. Let's have a short discussion and you can find out for yourself if it is useful to you or not.


Below is what you can expect from us:

1) "Unlimited access to all possible candidate sources"

 Unlimited access to leading job portals, free classifieds, employee referrals, social media, head hunting, ads in newspapers and our private contacts. You can access anything you want, whenever you want, to reach the ideal candidate.


2) "Continuous supply of highly relevant candidates"

Best-in-the-industry screening process, both technical and non-technical, ensures that you use your valuable time interviewing highly relevant candidates only.

3) "Result Guarantee" 

No other recruitment service; be it job portals or recruitment consultancies; will "guarantee" that they will close your positions. We “guarantee” results. Not just verbally, but a contractual “guarantee”. 

4) "We reduce your recruitment cost by up to 100%" 

A flat charge of for each position, regardless of the experience level. 




Om Deshpande

Strategic Business Consultant

JobsXS (www.jobsxs.com) - The 'smart' choice for a growing SME

Cell: +91 98604 07605

Email: om.deshpande@jobsxs.com



We can work out on the same








nice website of connasys..!!
Thanks Amrut !


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