I was employed with a start-up digital marketing agency in pune on sinhagad road. Iinitially I was skeptical to join there as the infrastructure was in worse condition, but I took it on a lighter mode as it was a start-up and felt bad for the person heading it as he told me that he has been cheated by his partner. There were 10 people in the team who were also pissed off because of non payment of salaries, late salaries and infrastructure (there were broken chairs, half died fans). I somehow managed to get few more people added in the team, meaning I did recruitments (which was not the part of my profile), I got 8 more clients on board, I retained existing clients. Still we were not getting salaries on time. Sometimes he used to pay us a little in cash to feed ourselves, to buy groceries, to pay house rent. This did continue for 6 months. I gave up and decided to leave. At that time the vampire HR came in picture. Till then there was no HR..!! For 2 months the salaries were given on time, lateron again the vicious circle started. I put down my papers and asked to relieve in a month. They asked me to serve 60 working days notice period which was excluding Saturday Sundays and more than 2 n half months. I strongly denied as the appointment letter says it shiuld be minimum 1 month. ( to add here I was not given any appointment letter till 6 months). At the end of my notice period I insisted to accept the 30 days notice period which they accepted. After 45 days of my last day when I went to ask for the fnf, HR told me that the director is out of town and will be back after 8 days. Again I went after 8 days, that time I was offered with experience letter and a document stating rs.12000 deductions from total fnf..!! I accepted the partial payment and the experience letter. As soon as I wrote that I accpet it as partial payment HR denied to give me the cheque. To my surprise even though I was ready she declined it. She was not ready how did she deducted 20 late marks when I had completed man hours for more than 8 hours!! She refused to give me any explanations. I took help of a lawyer and sent them legal notice asking reasoning for he same to which they are not even bothered to revert...!!! And this is how since past 3 months I have not received the total fnf of rs. 49000. I am still finding ways to get the money and the pitty factor is that law also does not support us in such scenes.

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Can you name the company please ?

If you have god contacts with the clients you brought on board, it might be the time that you start telling the truth to them.

Hi Anjali,

Feel free to communicate, 

do mail at interact@augustaconsultants.in



http://webamos.in/ such a fraud person with all fraudulant claims, the director himself has given some exams of google and claims that they have certified professionals. He is making fool out of the employees as well as the clients.

However The company seems webamous seems to have very good clientele as per their website..........

Sumit, half of them are gone and few are old clients with whom now they dnt work because of this fradulant act. Another thing is how does that even matter to what point I have raised here. The company is not paying me my fnf and if they have good clientele they should have paid my money long back. This is also a fradulant act that. They have mentioned false clients.

Now Shweta Bhalerao is Hiring for the same company on POCC. Now you can get your point clear involving her in this thread

Hello Anjalee,

Legal proceedings will take its time but you keep spreading the word through social media as it has a strong reach. This will enable other freshers to avoid this company.


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