We are a start up company in pune. We have already worked on two small scale products (standalone) and provided services to couple of customers.

We are planning to launch an social networking platform focused for students and alumni. The Students can post on final year project hurdles, real time implementation problems. Alumni will reply to their posts with their experience or knowledge. So students don't have to rely on external guide. This platform will also have, Photo sharing, chat room, file sharing, blogs etc features. We will also be providing section where students/freshers can see all fresher jobs. This will be kind of one stop application for students and freshers. This application is expected to finish by this month end.

We also have another idea based on social networking but for much broader audience. To solve real time and time consuming problems. I will be happy to discuss this idea on call if interested.

We are looking for an investor who can trust on us and provide the financial backup to get our products launch in market. 

Please feel free to contact me if interested.




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