Looking for Investment, small to start with, in, Biryani - Delivery Only, Startup

My Name is Sabir Khan

& wish to start a Premium Biryani House,


We are a team of friends, one has his Advertising Agency & also catering guys,

The idea is to Target customer's who would like 5 star quality and rather have it delivered at their homes at rates that are just 40 to 50 % more than what it would cost at local catering biryani house and far less than what it would cost in any star hotels

To keep the premium tag going it won't be sold in loose, only in 1 Kg Packs
so as to also streamline the taste & quality

No Big Party orders

No Big Catering orders

The menu would be limited to Biryani only

The plan is to start small, via a rented shop,


Sabir Khan

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