Looking for Institute providing Digital Marketing Training in pune area.

Hi there,

I am fresher. I want to start my career in digital marketing. Please, suggest me best SEO (Search Engine Optimization) training Institute name. So, i will be able to learn it.

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Hi Bhavana,

I am in digital marketing for now 6 years. I know some institutes in Pune for digital marketing but believe me there are not worth as I was teaching for one of institute in Pune.

But if you still like to go then you have school of digital marketing in Tilak Road Pune, Lips institute in Baner Road.

At last want to tell you dont do full course at a time go step by step. First learn SEO take a time work on it and then do rest of course. This is important to know freshers like you.

Hope this help..

Hi Mansoor,

Since you are into Digital marketing could you help spread the word about www.100rupis.com. You can help your students make money while they are learning. Please visit www.100rupis.com and your students can create their service as SEO Experts, SMO Experts, Keyword Searches, Logo Designers, Banner Designers and more, they can create their service under Rs.100 or Rs,100X. They get Rs.85 per work, this will help them build their portfolio.

And of course, you can create your service(s) too. 

In case you have questions please get in touch with me via email: keerthibiz@gmal.com 


Hello Bhavana,

I am working in digital marketing industry from last few years, If you are eager to go for digital marketing classes in pune then will surely suggest you 'Training Institute Pune', for details you can visit link: http://www.traininginstitutepune.in/digital-marketing-classes-pune

Hello Bhavana,

I Agree to Mansoor

Yes that's true now its 2015 the knowledge should be Updated with Learning some Advance Techniques like PBN, Template Sharing etc. I would Like to Suggests you best Seo training in Pune

What do you mean by Digital Marketing?
Digital marketing is basically making use of the digital platform like social media for promotional activities for your business. This can be called
as the layman’s definition. SEO is a part of the broader domain called digital marketing.
Marketing forms the heart and spine of any business to flourish and grow. In today’s digital age, the primitive marketing practices have become
a thing of the past. Digital is the way to go! That’s the reason why digital marketing has turned out to be the key growth factor for any kind of
business. With the fast growing rate of technologies and their constantly evolving nature, literally, billions of dollars of budget is assigned to
digital marketing . It happens to be the fastest developing field in today’s times.
Keeping in mind these things, and the shortage or lack of training facilities in this field, we have designed an advanced and Practical Digital
Marketing course. The finest of details related to digital marketing are taught over here.

Job Opportunities in Digital Marketing:
There is an ocean of opportunities as far as digital marketing jobs are concerned. All thanks to its cost effective and fast results nature which the various companies have realized. Also, there are a large number of digital marketing companies in Pune provide ample job opportunities to skilled individuals.
After social media marketing training Simply in Social Media, around 9,000 employment opportunities were created in 2016 alone. With regards to India, Digital Marketing proficients earn any place between 12,000 to 25,000 rs every month. That’s just the beginning.

If you want to benefit from the above mentioned opportunities by opting for a career in this field; then, first you need to be a skilled individual.
To acquire the desired digital marketing skills, you need to take our digital marketing Training in Pune. If in any kind of doubt, you can research about the various SEO training courses in Pune; and then come to a decision.

Training Institute Pune (TIP) offers you, digital marketing courses in Pune with 100% placement. Our course is designed in such a manner that, once you walk out, you are a digital marketing expert professional.


Hello Bhavana,

You can visit http://www.digitalyounow.com/

LIPS India, our employees have gotten pretty good training from there, although it entirely depends upon your interest level and dedication. All the best!

Hey Bhavna, I know one guy who is a member of POCC(Punestartups.com), Gangadhar Kulkarni. He is having his own digital marketing company (http://www.digitechmantra.com). He can help you as intern. You will get a knowledge of SEO and a hands on experience too.
PHONE : +91 90115 38001


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