Hi All,

We are looking for beta clients(its free for upto 10 users) for our startup Teamroq. As this is startup forum, we are looking for startups which want to organize their projects and tasks, and want to stay updated on what other members are upto. Have a look at this product video and our blog talks about how this product can solve collaboration pain points of startups.

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Why are you better than you competitors?


I will request you to watch our product video. I have also linked few of my blog posts below, so please go through them also for our detailed philosophy behind this product.

Generally enterprise collaboration is a broad space which includes Project Management, task management, document management, Knowledge management and Social way of collaboration (activity feeds and notifications). Most of the players deal in mostly one space and at max two.

We believe that all the above subspaces should ideally be together to create an awesome organisation's learning repository. Most of the problems arise when people work on tasks. At that time they look for experts they which is easy to find if you have Stackoverflow kind of Q/A forum.

I have given example of some of the leaders in this space:

Eg.1) Asana(leading player in task management) has quite comprehensive task management features, but lacks in knowledge management space.

Eg 2) Yammer (leading player in social collaboration) projects itself as Facebook for enterprises. It lacks Project and Task management features. Most of the organisations which are using Yammer feel that employee engagement is low. The reason is employees will be active on any platform if it is related to their day to day activities. Tasks and Project management is something which employees do daily and these things make them active on collaboration platform.

Some of the benefits of Teamroq are:

1) Everything at single place, so users will have more reasons to be active on collaboration platform.

2) In Project management we provide awesome charts to give everyone a clear view on where your project is doing fine and where it is lagging behind.

3) Question answer and topic forums are present. So people learn parallely while they complete their tasks. 

4) Badges and Reputation score. We have gamified the system so that people posting quality content are rewarded. For every topic you get to see leaderboards, so you will be able to easily identify top talents in individual area. This feature is not present in any collaboration tool. Badges also motivate employees to be more active and as a result increases employee engagement.

5) Cost : Prices for multiple tools for collaboration will always be higher than single tool. On top of that there will not be seamless integration between all those tools. Your organisation knowledge will be scattered at multiple places so it will be difficult to retrieve.

If you have any questions feel free to send me an email at gauraviitm@gmail.com or tweet at @gauraviitm




If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer.

Our motivation behind this product:

  • Typically in any enterprise, employees work in silos and discuss things over email, creating a closed environment in which others are not aware of what they are doing. To get updates from them, more status updates meetings are scheduled which result in time and productivity wastage.
  • Enterprises are using multiple tools (intranet, task management tools, project management tools such as excel sheets, document management tools such as sharepoint, communication tools like email etc)  for their day to day collaboration activities. Using different tools means duplication of contents, wastage of time & licensing money and difficulty in tracking content at later stages.
  • Knowledge management has been the bane for any enterprise.  The kind of tools currently used in enterprises does not help in retaining any knowledge after employees leave the organization. As a result there is so much of time wastage on knowledge transfers whenever new employee onboards.
  • Zero employee contribution towards common learning. We typically see an external push from top management on employees by making sharing knowledge and completing trainings as part of employee's end year goals. This external push is not sufficient in making employee contribute because they know that nobody can track their engagement towards social learning. Employee engagement cannot be forced, however it can be improved by Gamifying the system. Online appreciation and badges will motivate them to collaborate and share more.
To solve above pain points, we have built Teamroq which provides a single platform for employee collaboration and engagement. It increases transparency within an enterprise by making employees share everything on common platform.
It is an enterprise social network which also serves as enterprise social intranet.
I am highlighting the important features of teamroq below. For a detailed feature list I would personally recommend you to visit http://www.teamroq.com/features
  • Social Tasking - Create and track tasks easily. With the help of facebook style Activity Feeds and Notification it is very easy to stay updated of what your team mates are upto.
  • Question/Answers -  It has stackoverflow/quora like question answers functionality for knowledge management inside enterprises. Learn from your global peers and avoid duplication of queries.
  • Gamification and Badges - Without employee's contribution and engagement, any collaboration platform will fail. In Teamroq, to drive user's engagement, users are rewarded with points for their quality contributions. Any employee can upvote/downvote other user's content which will affect the overall reputation score of the contributor.
  • Topics and Leaderboards - Every discussion/question can be tagged to a topic. People who will contribute more and with quality content will gain points to become part of a topic leaderboard. Leaderboards will also help in identifying the subject matter experts within an enterprise.
  • Project dashboard - Important project charts to identify the strengths and weaknesses easily.
  • Documents Versioning - Easy documents upload along with version management.
  • Groups - Easy group creations such as Finance, HR groups. Each group can post updates and people can query them directly which others can also benefit from. This will remove duplication of queries and wastage of employees time in doing same activity again and again.
  • Recommendation Engine: Teamroq recommends topics which might be of interest to users so that they can follow/unfollow topics of their interest and get benefitted out of it.
  • Powerful Search - A powerful search bar which will search everything easily and fast.
Future Roadmap:
  • Going mobile by creating apps for important mobile platforms like android, iOS etc. Mobile apps will help employees to stay updated even when they are not in front of their desktops.
  • Integrating other intranet functionalities like leave management tool.

Hi Gaurav, 

A good start. 

In my personal view, the Atlassian product suite is doing a great work in this particular space. Their pricing plans are flexible and products are well tested and used by enterprise.

Still a good start.

- Sumit

Hi Sumit,

Thanks for the appreciation. Atlassian product Jira is just task management and they have Confluence for social way of working.  Still they miss Knowledge management part (Q/A forums like Stackoverflow) and Badges/Reputation system which will definitely improve users usage and engagement on collaboration platform.

In my previous organisation we were using Atlassian Products which were costly (because you need to subscribe for multiple products from them) and users need steep learning curve because of complicated features they provide.

Basic idea of teamroq is to make sure that users engagement is high. Most of the bigger enterprises have multiple tools for collaboration but they don't see any RoI because users don't use them. Unless users use such platforms actively and start posting quality content, any organisation cannot build awesome learning repository.

Hi Sumit,

In short:

You are right! Jira does task management exceedingly well. but thats only part of the problem . Organization has many more facets. You have tasks, meetings, questions ,discussions ,campaigns ,reports and a lot more.

You have two options here!
1) Invest in specialized products such as Trello, Asana, Dropbox,Jira,Salesforce etc. but investing in many products will cost you money and it creates vertical silos between  products. Should I upload my documents in Dropbox or attach it with tasks in Jira?
2) Go with a communication platform, that brings everyone together. Unfortunately, there is a dearth of products in this space. The few products present, have taken the "Facebook" route i.e., there is lot of chitchat/jibber jabber on these products.
That is where we come in. We have consciously avoided taking the general enterprise social networking route(like yammer).
We do one thing and one thing only. i.e., 
Bring your organization into a single place.

Interesting product. Are you targeting your product for Indian market or International markets ? what is your strategy to gain traction ? Any early adopters?

You could build the best product and being an enginner you can pitch about all the nice features your product offers  , but you need customers to use it. It is going to be a tough sell . How can you demonstrate ROI to a company which is already using your competitor products / opensource products with limited features.




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