"The Story that has just begun..."

as the first slide in our deck announced at our product launch event on Feb 23, 2018. We conceptualized, experimented with, developed and successfully piloted Xsemble -- a tool which will let you make software like you make cars. We have done it so far with zero external funding. We have now launched our next phase, which is to have deeper engagement with 3-5 companies.

The potential is enormous, and we are just scratching the surface. We have our share of challenges which is what makes the story interesting. At this juncture, we are looking to expand the core team.

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."

We believe in this proverb, and hence we are looking to infuse young and dynamic minds into this story.

Development Partner

We are looking for a tech kida. Any kida will do, but not ant, as Java technology has moved beyond ant. (If you don't get this, then this is not for you!) Excellent background in Java technology is a must, but need to have demonstrable hunger for knowing different technologies, different languages in the programming world. Should be able to manage, mentor and motivate a team. Should be able to work with distributed workforce.

Marketing Partner

We are looking for someone who has done software sale on international level and has passion enough to sell a comb to a bald fellow. Experience in traditional as well as digital marketing is a must, and should not be afraid to get his hands dirty.

Reach me: ab @ 10Xofy dot com / 989 00 56365

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