Looking for co-founders, investors and pilot partners for an upcoming social enterprise (healthcare, monitoring and evaluation of social programs)

I am the co-founder of two social enterprises- a hybrid of a non- profit and a for-profit addressing challenges in healthcare and monitoring and evaluation of social programs meant for the benefit of the BoP.

We have won a Business plan competition and that is helping us with initial set up. We have conducted a small pilot with the district Tb department in Odisha by creating a mobile application for improvement in data collection for monitoring the DOTS treatment of Tb patients.

We are now set to work on launching our complete data collection and visualization product and here we seek all the help that we can get. If we succeed, it will not only make our team proud but would also enable us to contribute towards the change we all wish to see.

I am looking for co-founders with the following profiles to work with us.

1. UI/UX design expert - Who is passionate about designing user interfaces for both mobile and web and is willing to come up with creative ideas for the data collection and visualization product. It is not only a product design challenge but as a core team member of the start up offers all the opportunities for brand and content management as well.

2. Mobile and web front end developer Lead - To develop/lead UI development of data collection and visualization product with expertise in hybrid mobile application and responsive web development along with ionic framework, Phonegap, Cordova plugins, Angular JS, HTML5, CSS3 etc and a zeal to explore, learn and apply the technologies to meet product requirements and business goals. As part of the start up team you get all the opportunities to convert your expertise into a high performing product.

We are looking for seed investors which will help us with technology development to enhance the features currently offered by our application.

We are also looking to partner with non-profits and for-profit social enterprises for inculcating digital data collection in any new funded projects or in any existing projects.

You can contact us at yeshasvi.pachpore@gmail.com / ankitchugh16@gmail.com or leave a comment with your contact details and we will share more details with you.

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If you are looking for pe funding through bank . we do have arrangements of such investor who do the funding to the companies.

Ankur kalra

Thank you Mr. Ankur Kalra, will contact you.

Hi Im a serial social entrepreneur based out of Chicago, my current project is Worlds 1st Gender Equal Business Startup Competition for Children Schoolpreneur.Biz Currently Im in Pune my India cell is 955-286-3469 and my whatsapp is 001-773709-9154 regards Tausif

You can mail us your details on dhara88@yahoo.com. We can help you in getting investors and mentors/ co founders.

Can you share more details.


We are working in healthcare informatics industry for a long time now. Would like to have a better understanding of your project.


Mayank Gupta


Hi Yeshasvi,

Glad to know your requirement. I would like to know more before confirming my response. Can you please share the high level business plan, core problems/challenges that you are planning to address and potential roadmap. I would be glad to discuss in person. I am based in Pune.


-Hitesh Bhole


Hi Hitesh,

Please share your email ID, i will send you the details.



Hi Yeshasvi,

My mail id is hiteshbhole@gmail.com. Sorry for delayed response.



Hi Yeshasvi,

We at Villgro are have been funding for-profit Social enterprises since 2001. For more information please go through the following websites:


We provide funding, mentoring to early stage enterprises and if you have your plan ready will like to know more details about the same.

We also have an upcoming Pitch event coming up and the applications for the same are open currently. The link for the same is as follows:


Please let me know if you are interested. My email ID is nsule@villgro.org.



Hi Nachiket,

Thank you, we are applying for the pitch event. Can the plan be sent directly to you as well?



Hi Yeshasvi,

Can you share more details. My mail id is shreyasi.paul@gmail.com. I am based in pune. 


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