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Job Description


We are looking for the Head of Mobile Engineering, who will be running our entire Android and iOS development.



- Minimum 8 years of work experience in software development

- An engineering degree from IIT/BITS/NIT

- Meticulous about ‘Clean Code’ - SOLID, DRY and KISS

- Proficiency in writing reusable, modular code is of critical importance to us; understand what it takes to write reliable, scalable production quality code.

- Proven ability to coordinate with multiple stakeholders and get the product shipped.

- Should have published multiple apps on App Store and Play store

Android skillset:


- 6+ years of experience in Android development

- Expertise in Retrofit, Butter Knife, Picasso, Universal Image Loader, Support libraries, design  support libraries, Firebase integration, ORMs like GreenDao or Realm, Espresso, Gradle, Unit Testing.

- Expertise in how library modules and gradle dependencies work in android

development using Android Studio.

- Expert knowledge of hosting and publishing android libraries on Maven or JCenter.

- Solid experience with offline storage, threading, and performance tuning

- Understanding of Google’s Android developmental design principles and Material Design guidelines.

iOS skillset (Preferred but not Required):


- 3+ years of experience in iOS development

- The development should strictly be oriented using Swift, we do not use Objective C

- Solid understanding of Location APIs, Core Data framework and networking stack

- Competence in creating UI using Storyboards (versus XIB).

- Excellent understanding of the XCode IDE, and its features

- Comprehensive understanding of Apple Design Guidelines

- Understanding of Apple Push Notifications

- Understanding of Apple Developer Policies to publish app on App Store.

- Understanding of continuous integration systems for iOS apps



The compensation package will include 2 components:

  • Equity Share

  • Startup Salary

Company Profile

We are a Validation Stage startup in the healthcare information technology domain. Currently, we are running pilots for our key MVPs to find Product-Market Fit.

Contact Us

We like to stay extremely approachable; Call us, Skype us, Whatsapp us, Visit us!

Call: 9075079757


Skype: @healthpole


Whatsapp: 9000302570 (Arijit) | 8975979059 (Aniruddh)

Suite 602, Amar Neptune, Baner Road, Baner, Pune 411045

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Is this still available? If yes, please contact me at 7722082237.


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