hi ,

we are looking for investors/mentors and someone who is experienced in eCommerce based startup

i am also looking for experienced programmers.I am a computer engineering student .

if anyone is interested mail me at


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Hi Rohan, 

 If you are looking for technical partner for your business then contact us with your business plan at shyam.sunder@4saulen.com

Company: Yollodeals
Website address/ App Link: www.yollodeals.com 

Number of customers/ Clients- Paying and Not Paying: 5-10

Number and quality of services/ products that you offer: We provide different types of exclusive deals in service based industry like Restaurants,Spa n Saloon, Gym n Fitness and Events..
Number of years in operations: More than 1.5 years

Restaurants Deals

Spa deals

Yollodeals Events

Tell your feedback or issue at info@yollodeals.com

Kindly Contact http://www.startupmentor.co.in/ both for mentorship and investments,


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