I am building a branding marketplace in US which will drive branding services. Hence I am looking for a Experienced Graphic Designer Professional or a company to partner with on a long term basis. The person / company should have experience of creating excellent digital brands and branding material like logos, web designs, landing pages, etc. Experience with HTML5 and CSS is highly desired. It will be an added advantage if you have a web and mobile development experience. Also good if you have SEO, Social media marketing experience. I am looking to build a branding company serving US market and you will be getting enough work. I am looking to be a majority stake holder in the company.

If interested in talking further please fill up following form and it will help me followup with you sooner.



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Hi Mandar, I have a strong experience in Social Media Marketing, SEO, Search Engine Marketing, Blogging, Digital Marketing. You can reach me @ 9923343368

I just started my brand design consultancy 3 months back with my partner. Before that, I was brand manager at one of Pune's top real estate firms. I've hands on experience of working on different dimensions of branding like primary market research, PR (paid, unpaid), advertising, brand design, core brand strategy etc. I've worked on company side as well as agency side i.e. planning and execution. I can help products/services to target right psychology and emotions of their T.G. to build their brand which is prior step of brand design. You can check my profile at:


My partner is GD-fine arts professional who is very good in converting those emotions in visual language. He has worked on brand designs of multinational companies with strictly following their international design guidelines. You'll love his designs. We've done many successful brand design projects.

There is reason brands use design, music, videos to build their existence. The simple reason is, they can speak to target's mind subconsciously. They can make you feel what they want you to feel.

By graduation, I am software engineer. I am good at front end development. I can make sites attractive and responsive through plain html, css i.e. without using javascript or jquery.

We were also looking to partner with someone overseas as I am targeting mainly MNC brands to work with. I think we might dig good opportunity together. It would be great if we could take this conversation forward. I'll be waiting for your response.

Contact Me on +91-7887448877.

Thanks & Regards,
Shrikant Pachpor.
+91 7887 448877


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