We are looking for a Front-end Developer to build Beautiful Websites. 

Beard Design is focused on working with Start-ups on Branding and Web Design. We build websites that are visually stunning and use illustrations & interesting navigation. 

We're not Coders, we're Designers. We don't know much about coding. So we're hoping that if you're a good coder, you'd know what skill-sets are required to build modern, cutting edge websites. We can design them beautifully, now we need someone to make them functional and bring them to life. 


Some words we've heard thrown around and like the sound of:
HTML 5, CSS3, jQuery, Parallax, Canvas, Responsive, MediaQueries, WordPress, Ajax, Java Script, Bootstrap...


Some words we think are a tad over-used and funny:
Kick-ass, Hacker, Ninja, High-energy, Rock Star, Passionate, Co-creating, Champion, Vibrant, HTML Hero, JavaScript Jedi, Rocking

Look at some of our work here: www.BeardDesign.in

We will work only on interesting projects with start-ups. And we won't work with large, boring companies (we work with enough of them at our other company, see our client list here)

We are a team of 8 that works out of a HUGE bungalow in Goa with high ceilings, a beautiful garden, a local bakery right behind and the beach less than 20 mins away. And we have an adorable dog, Bodoni, who will love you forever. When you first move to Goa, we'll take care of your accommodation and make you feel right at home. 

Our founder is a Gujarati, so we won't promise any "free" food. But he makes Saunf Vodka at home, so rest assured that you'll be in high spirits! When he's made some money in the Stock Markets, he takes all of us for all-you-can-eat/drink meals at fancy restaurants. 


Our other Ventures


PPT Salon
PPT Salon is a design company that focuses on creating beautiful presentations. We've worked with more than 200 clients from 18+ countries, including Fortune500 companies, Indian Conglomerates, Entrepreneurs, Film-makers and Ivy League Professors. 
More: www.pptsalon.com | www.facebook.com/pptsalon

Invite Salon
Invite Salon is focused on creating the most beautiful wedding invites in the country. 
More: www.InviteSalon.com |  www.facebook.com/invitesalon

Apply for this position

Write to 911@BeardDesign.in with a description of your skills and experience, along with examples of your work. If you have any questions, call Abhisek at +91-9890926072

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I am interested. 

For my eligibility, I proudly present www.deepakpathak.in . Do check out, it is dying for some visitors.

[I will appreciate if you view it on smartphones as well ;) ]

my resume is on my site.




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