Looking for a co-founder, or willing to join as a co-founder? Please mention it here.

Please add your details if you are looking for a co-founder for your startup or if you are willing to join someone as a co-founder.

Please give the following details:

If you are looking for a co-founder: give details about your venture, what role you are looking for (technology, business development something else?) and what's the expertise that you seek.

If you offer to join as a co-founder: give details about your background and what you bring to the table.

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Dear all,

Herein i am writing again looking for a co-founder after my last related posting in Nov'2012. Back then, i was in the midst of finalising one vertical segment (from food/auto/edu) to take as main focus for RightDeal.com, The site is classified under e-commerce Location based Deals platform capable of creating solo & Group purchase deals.  By end-Aug, the site add a full fledged advanced e-store (prestashop).

We are glad to inform that we have finally taken our plunge into 'Learning/Education' vertical and have broadly covered Toddler segment so far. We are retailing online and also reaching offline for volume orders (B2B). Gradually we intend to cover Learning for all age groups.. as i like to call it 'Learnings for Toddler to a housewife'. eLearning and professional courses for IT Professionals/corporates is currently explored as well.

Given above backgroun, i am keen to re-explore 'partners' and 1 co-founder, preferably who comes from Learning/Educational domain vertical. Please find link to my previous co-founder post : http://punestartups.org/forum/topics/rightdeal-com-is-looking-for-c...

Interested parties can reach me at +91-8888658447 or email me at paragp@rightdeal.com



I am interested in both, have already started two ventures .started my career into travels as a sales person...14 years of experience of sales and marketing can certainly bring results into business first venture is...industrial paints distribution in pune midc, second venture is into tours and travels ...etravels...please visit our website www.cabbycabs.in

Below are my contact details - mobile 9665644847

                       email address - klktech.sanjay@gmail.com

I strongly feel we can meet our business goals.


 /Sanjay k

Hi Sanjay,

I have a domain Cabservices.in, and I am not sure what I can really do with it, do you we can do something together on this? Or are you interested in taking over this domain for yourself?



Hi Aishwin,

Good to talk to you on this portal,what a coincidence ...hmm about the domain you see..i am running a etravels company www.cabbycabs.in as a co founder and i don't know what we can do about this domain

cabservices.in .however lets meet somewhere and talk this and other projects you have.....i certainly think we can come to an outcome....what say


Hi Sanjay,

Can we meet up this weekend? If yes let me know.

Call me at 9762200851


I have over time acquired some domains and wanted to start something with them instead of just sitting on it.

These are :

eFranchise.in : Franchise site

Hookahs.in : Online brand to sell hookah pots online

Personalised.in : Online shopping site to sell personalised mugs / corporate stuff




ResumeWriting.in  : Online Resume Writing Service

PuneDeals.com : Pune Deals site

I have several hundred more domains either for development or for sale.

Please feel free to add your suggestions / ideas or any lead who can help out.





Dear Ashish:

I would be interested in joining as a co-founder - I have over 8 years of experience working with 4 start-ups based in NYC which is where I spent the last 12 years. I have an MBA in International Business from NY and been here working since 2001 for various internet based consumer products/services mainly in the Entertainment Industry.

Traveled to many countries in the past few  years and now finally moving to India next month to settle. 

I have worked directly with CEO's and have tremendous experience in Marketing, Technology, Finance, Operations and management all in start-up environment helping the CEO execute the business plan from planning, financing to launch and further product development.

Although I have spent few months on and off in India just to get some exposure, this time I am planning to get into opportunities either working directly with the CEO of a startup or as a co-founder.



Dear Anand,


Lets get connected. I may have something of your interest. I can be reached at Shripad@clearlogy.com or on 9850900337 else share your contact details.



- Shripad


Interested in knowing in how many cases the dialog was taken further. How many actually met up the responders, and whether any partnerships have actually materialized.

Hello Friends,

Does anyone know ussd driven mobile app developer in India? We would like to include into our project.





Hey there,

I represent Embionics Technologies Pvt. Ltd. www.embionics.com.  We are into Design & development of Security & Surveillance, Industry automation domain products. I would be interested to know anybody who is similar technical background and would desire to join such start-up.



i would be interested to join, kindly call on 7709085374


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