I would like throw this discussion open to all-- 

1) Are Vehicle Tracking System a need based product and is it a scale able business idea?If yes then why is not successful ?


2) Is Carpool just a wishful thought (as lot many prev attempts failed to make a buzz)    OR  

Workable Idea but has gaps in Implementation & architecture those could be plugged.

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For point 2, ppl are already doing it. check  http://www.taxeeta.com/   ( i m talking about pune)

For point 1.: vehicle tracking : i heard its already being used by some, but i never met with any owner who is doing business on it.

for pt 2. I think the mistake people make is to try and cover as much area as possible without providing much connectivity between drivers and passengers. On the other extreme are those sites that are basically a forum and it is impossible to find anyone easily that matches your criteria. 

Hi Sanjay. I just stumbled upon your idea and got this positive affirmations as I too was thinking something on the same lines.

I think this is quite workable but needs to pool a proper team to get it working. How far have you reached on this? I would be interested in meeting you to see the viability of this project.

Can you email me your contact number on smkapasi@gmail.com? My number is 8007344736.

Good day



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