We as entrepreneurs should contribute awesome ideas for helping Pune getting into list of 10 cities that GOM(Government Of Maharashtra) will undertake for the smart city project, please read below for more details :

Namaskar and welcome to “Maza Swapna, Smart Pune”.

“Maza Swapna, Smart Pune” is a contest which is an effort to connect YOU as a citizen, to your local government.

Pune’s rich culture of social movements is the foundation on which this Samvad is taking place. Pune has historically been a culturally rich, educational and beautiful city but with urbanization all over, concerns such as land scarcity, resource shortage, pollution and traffic delays are increasing. Cities grappling with these concerns need to think of smart ways and leverage technology before things go out of control. The city of Pune, with its vision to become a cleaner, greener and more liveable city, plans to go smart with focus on mitigating concerns related to sewerage, water supply, road and transport as well as solid waste management.

Prior to undertaking this journey of transformation, Pune Municipal Corporation wishes to hear from ‘YOU’, the citizens who are the most important part of the city we call home. We invite you to come and participate in the Survey & Best Smart City Idea competition and share your views about how we can make Pune a better and smarter city. Your responses shall help us incorporate your inputs and emerge as a winner in the list of 10 cities that will undertake the smart city journey from Government of Maharashtra.

For submitting your entries please visit : 




Last date of entries 20th July so please make it soon.


Miran Shaikh

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Hi Im a serial social entrepreneur based out of Chicago, my current project is Worlds 1st Gender Equal Business Startup Competition for Children www.Schoolpreneur.Biz (USA, UK & INDIA) Currently Im in Pune my India cell is 955-286-3469 and my whatsapp is 001-773709-9154 

We are looking for strategic partners, volunteers, sponsors. 


Tausif Malik



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