We are into Legal & Statutory & HR Consultancy firm with best professional services for your organization, all under one roof.

Being a single contact point for various services, will help your organization in saving huge costs and efforts and time and man-hours.

Please feel free to know more about us and to serve best for your various requirements.

Namitabh Kothari Jain
9930992660 / 661

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do you have a website where one can check out your service offering ?
Hi Soloman,

Thank you very much for showing the interest in knowing more about us and our services.

The website is www.hrindia.in this will give you a basic idea of the services.

In case of any further info or help or support, please feel free to mail me.

My email-id is namitabh.law@gmail.com or contact me on 9930992 660 / 661.

If you can send me your requirement, then it would be more helpful to understand and support you for solutions.

Namitabh Kothari Jain
We are India's leading OD Consultancy & HR outsourcing organisation. Visit us at www.pasayadan.net
I complited MCM am intrested in LAMP programing


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