Digitize and enhance your learning process using LMS

Well, an LMS lets you create eLearning content (lessons), organize it into courses, deliver the content (either internally to your business or to a wider internet audience), enroll students to said courses, and, finally, monitor and assess their performance (attendance, grades, etc.).
We build a Learning Management System (LMS) for all your online education services.
You can:
- Online Education / Courses
- Online Classes
-Online Training Programs
- Online Exams
- Online Attendance
- Online Teachers
- Live Sessions
- Online Certifications
- Much more

- The ability to organize and hold eConference sessions, with multiple students participating through audio and video
- Online whiteboard functionality, so instructors and students can create and share writings and drawings in real-time
- The ability to sell courses and integrate with payment processors such as PayPal and Stripe
- The ability to use LMS with mobile devices (smartphones and tablets), including being able to study when offline
-eLearning Assessment features
- Automated certification
-Gamification features
- White-labeled LMS solution
- Multilingual Support
- Powerful reporting and statistics

Do you want a demo of it?

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