Dear POCC friends, 

I have discussed with many of you over weekend coffee sessions in NIBM road, Kondhwa. I was a mentor at Startup Weekend which happened in Jan 15. is initiative with organizers of SWP Pune, Jan 15 - Mahesh Patil and Saket Desjmukh. We have launched an online site first and wish to organize meets of past attendants  of Startup Weekend, anyone starting up on mobile and web 

We only aim to cover web and mobile startups with current starting focus on 

- Product Management & Marketing

- Digital Marketing

- Sales & Marketing for web & mobile startups

- Starting up - overall matters. 

Please be invited to become our members and provide your valuable suggestions and feedback. 

Site :


Santosh Maharshi

Please know that my weekend coffee sessions will now happen through VentureKlinic. I am now available on phone, skype, ventureklinic and emails. 

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Bravo! Santosh,

Ventureklinic is definitely a first stop for any aspirants who want to start up\become entrepreneur\make a difference in his life.

Looking forward to meet you.

Br, Shahid 


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