Hi Friends, 

http://www.indushunter.com is a place to launch and inform about your products and startups. 

I have talked to many of you here through my weekend coffee meets and startup advising. I thought you would like this for sure. It's launched last week and this is preview launch announcment for you special POCC guys. 

Looking forward to know about your startups and prpduct launches on http://www.indushunter.com 

If you like it show some love, register your account and start talking about your products. 

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You should first check whether the website is working or not.

Hi Santosh,

Seems to be an error at the website as its not loading.
Let us know once its up.

All the best! 

@Mansoor & @Saptarshi. Thank you, the site is working however my bad, I had extra "w" in the 1st web address. 

Join now and start hunting :)

Registered and updated my profile. So... will my startup be published on here?

Getting a hang!

Awesome Work Santosh!

Glad you liked it Keerthi. 

Hi Santosh,

you have an interesting idea going here. but apart from listing start-ups, what else do you do?

do you promote them among VCs and PEs?

do you prefer only tech and web-based startups only?



@Levine, very good points and I will move to the next after scaling up to a certain threshold so not revealing or planning even anything for now. I do consult startups and advice them on product, business and growth. Please stay tuned and feel free to connect with me, all interesting ideas and suggestions are welcome. 

Santosh - I just see a replica of ProductHunt. The colours, typography, icons and you didn't even care to change messages. I would have liked to see something original instead.

@Sachin, the originality is in the content. I have not developed this product nor cared to modify it , its a wordpress theme which I am using as default. Look at the 300+ startups not the design please :) 

More to come soon !!!


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