It's been a while since we wrote about Kommbox here. A lot has been happening. Let me share some highlights.

Kommbox 2 came out in Sept 2015 on the Ganesh Chaturthy day. It came with strong analytics, so that as long as your communication is stored under Kommbox you will get to see a lot of interesting information about it, such that:

  • Userwise: What is the user working on? How much time? Where is he adding updates? How much is his work getting appreciated (getting thanked)?
  • Kommboxwise: Similar kind of info for a kommbox. Note that a kommbox is about a context (defined by you) so this means slicing the communication context-wise.
  • Much else: Account-wise information such as who receives max traffic and from where. The information is easy to grasp because of the use of colors and graphs.

We are now in release 2.2. We have added a One Time Setup wizard to ease out the first time setup. Today another update is about to come which has a refactoring of the UI, to make it very easy to locate various options available to you.

Apart from the new features being added, we were a part of Pune Connect 2015 and we are chosen to be a part of the prestigious #PNGrowth bootcamp.

For those who are already signed up on Kommbox, it's time to take a fresh look. For those who are still not using it... C'mon, give it a whirl. Create the free account for your startup: click here.

If anyone is craving for a debate on why Kommbox is the best tool to hold the organizational communication, contact me. :)

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