Hi Friends,


I think Pune lacks a good Bengali Sweets shop that provides the type of Authentic sweets that we get in Kolkotta. I am looking for someone who finds this idea as interesting as I do and is willing to work with me to set this project up.

I am currently working in an IT company and cannot devote weekdays for this project. I need someone who will help me with administrative tasks like the following:


  • Placing ads in papers
  • Talking with clients on the phone
  • Taking orders for home delivery on phone
  • Following up with other general administrative tasks


Desire Skills

  • Good communication skills
  • Reslult-oriented
  • Willing to report to me daily with the result of the given task


(For example, lets say i give the candidate a task of finding all available shops for rent in a particular area. He will be expected to do some R&D fix up a date with agents,  and see the shops. I expect the candidate to be able to give me briefing of all the shops that he saw and which shops come closest to our criteria)


Monthly Salary: 3000-5000 depending on performance

Interested candidates please contact: moiz.nalwalla@gmail.com

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