So I had worked on two start up's and I noticed that the founders who are not techies and have almost no funds to hire engineers. This future results in a delay of entrepreneurs to feel their dreams.

Another issue is that we have so many freshers who are jobless due to lack of experience and are willing to get some internship and exposure.

I though why not I along with so many people train these interns with latest technologies also work closely with these startup's.

And if and when startup do get funds they can pay a portion of it.

I am aware that startups can fail but since these interns have worked with a start up, it gives them some valuable experience as well. 

This does sound like like a consultancy but I feel both the entrepreneur and the interns have dreams its just they both need some kinda gap to connect them.  


Like a startup that start's up. 

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Based on my experience I can definitely say that Cheap Labour is Costly labour.

I will pay double the salary of fresher to experience guys as this reduces rework.


Hi Seth,

This is a good idea. most recruiting agencies focus their efforts towards employers' needs and very few cater to employees. Particularly, i have observed that freshers badly need help in landing their first job. However, as Nitin pointed out, there is this headache of training them to fit into the job.

my experience shows that 10% freshers are perfectly employable, while the next 20% freshers are imperfect but eager to learn. If you cater to this 20%, it will make perfect business sense. meanwhile, i am not talking about the rest 70% who are unemployable!


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