Hi Members,

I have created a series of courses that take you through building IoT projects (www.advantiot.com).

The courses start with the basics of Electronics and IoT and then introduce all the tools, both hardware and software required to build an IoT project.

The courses walk you through hands-on projects using an Arduino board and a Raspberry Pi. Several cloud services for IoT data management are used. And finally, the course walks through how to develop a basic app using Angular JS and a visualisation application using Processor.

I am looking for a group of developers to join hands with me to maintain the online course content, add new projects and introduce new IoT technology and solutions as they become available.

For now, this is not a commercial venture and I intend to make this available as open source courses for schools and individuals. Therefore I am looking for students or interns who may be interested in learning about IoT with hands-on tasks.

If there is anyone in this group who is interested, please reach out to me.


Vikas Mujumdar


+91 98200 44097


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