Hello Everyone

I am Rishi Hegde, CEO and Co-Founder of MintBox Technologies.(http://goo.gl/7Lu3EK)

We are an IoT company that develop products which not only have the potential to impact how we live but also how we work.

Our aim is to provide smarter connected devices and technology and our mission is to expand the idea of connected devices but at the same time drag the cost down of such products so that people can actually use them in their day to day lives.

At the core, we believe that great companies are built on great products and these products should change the way people look at things, change the way people use things, change the way people do repetitive tasks and chores,change the way people live and all these changes are introduced in their lives in a better and smarter way.

With this in mind we have developed our first line of product "MintBox Home", which applies IoT to your homes.

It is a smart home automation product that has the power to add value to your homes through automation. Install this product and you can convert your home sweet home into a smart home. The product "MintBox Home" seamlessly integrates with existing electronic devices at your home and you can control up to 30 devices independently right from a mobile app and a web app. That's not it. Read the full list of features on our website and our Facebook page



Early adopters can have a piece of this technology @ just INR 12,995. Install MintBox Home and convert your 1,2,3 BHK homes into smart homes.

The purpose of writing this post is to spread the word, get feedback from this amazing community, attract talent who want to build great products in terms of software and hardware, attract customers, investors and distributors.

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Nice. I want to see this live. Pls contact me at nine eight eight one zero seven four six four four. Thanks.

Thanks for showing interest.

Will surely reach out.

Hi Rishi,

First of all hearty congratulations for successfully building the product.

We are organizing a BLE/IOT meet up in Pune at our office.

Its a pretty informal gathering and I can provide you a time slot for demo if you are interested.

Here is the event: http://punestartups.org/events/introduction-to-ble-beacons-and-inte...

Shoot me a email on ayush.jain@mindbowser.com



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