Hello all,

As POCC is reaching the major milestone of 10,000 members (http://punestartups.org/forum/topics/announcing-a-major-pocc-milest...), we are looking for some volunteers who have strong media connections and who can help us in getting the word out in the media (newspapers/ magazines). We would like to do some press releases, which, if published in newspapers and magazines, will be very useful for the POCC community.

Interested volunteers, please get in touch with me.

Thanks in advance,


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Omkar Sapre is an entrepreneur and was a journalist at Economic Times.  He would be the ideal person.  His number is 98238 07907.  Also, I used to be in touch with the Economic Times team through the Power of Ideas group.  Let me know if you want me to mine my old contacts.



Thank you Aniruddha  for letting me know about Omkar and his number. I will give him a call. And yes, please do mine your contacts. We do want influential volunteers who can help us get in news :)

Great Idea. Will be good for Pune, its Startups, Founders and all Startup wanabee's - the entire ecosystem.

Vivek has offered to talk to TiE abroad and various other organizations regarding this event. Thanks Vivek for the same. Radha, please note.

Hello madam, 

                I have done diploma in journalism from department of communication and journalism and work as trainee journalist 

                with maharastra times .currently working with' ARTHPURN' magazines as freelance journalist .i have media connecation.would like work as volunteer with pocc .Please send your mobile number so i can cantact you .my mobile no 9922056531

Thanks VIshnu. I will get in touch with in coming week. 

  ok Thanks 

Drop a Mail to Me Kunal.sinha@ayyati.com. 

Hi Kunal,

Dropped you an email last week, hope you received the same?


I will be glad to connect you with Mr. Rohit. Kulkarni (Head institutional sales) for Indian express an em-paneled trainer for NIE project in schools and institutions for western Maharashtra we can surely meet and take things ahead...

Happy to discuss.

All the best


Adwait Date- Corporate Trainer and Resource person

Swaraaj Consultancy

Thank you Swaraaj. Can I have your email address/ phone number please?

Adwait Date- 9552919699


Rohit Kulkarni- 9881256083- Indian express


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