Hello everyone,

I would like to invest in promising start ups which have professional business model, plan and vision and know fully well the investment, infrastructure and resourcing needs, target market and have done break-even and ROI analysis.

Email me your detailed proposals at jd@sapsdforum.com with your contact details and your expertise/ relevant experience in such ventures.



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Thanks for all your responses. Please do not send me mails asking for meaning of these terms. If you do not know the meaning, this post is not for you..



Well said. This is also a reminder to the community that one should use such kind of shared contact info responsibly. Please respect others' time and do not ask questions which you can google or find out through some other means.

Thanks for sending some awesome proposals!! Amazed with the stuff in pipeline and thought leadership driving this.

Please make sure that you are not sharing any copyright protected/ classified information with me as I may need to distribute/ share that information in my circle. Also, please mention how much investment is sought and what kind of partnership is offered in return..

thanks and keep sending...

Can you please specify ticket size , sectors and geography? Also your investor's profile. We do have some good proposals in hand but we work on retainer ship  + success fee basis, if these terms are ok , appreciate a response to my questions.


Hello Jitesh,

I think i am well late to reply to your propose. I am at present a PhD researcher at University of Milan , Italy. I have an Unique business proposal related to  diagnosis and healthcare to be setup in cities like Pune , Hydrabad, Bangalore etc. This venture will also have an opportunity to do contract research with Pharma Industries and clinical research companies. if u r still open with ur plans I can mail u a short synopsis to my plan.




I have pre-shcool francisee in Kukshi, Madhyapradesh with 200 student in 2 years. I wanted to expend it to Pre-Primary which has potential to reach 500-600 student in next 2 years. Total Capital needed is RS 1cr where we need to purchase 1 acre land and rest will be used for building and day to day operation. I am looing for Invester who is willing to invest 10-15 lacs or more. This is lifelong business and once settled you will have life long income. Return are expected in 2-3 years.

Please contact me at 9021801945 or eng.sachin@gmail.com for more details or willing to invest.


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