I have an offer to take over a running small Pvt. Ltd. company as the MD is willing to withdraw due to his old age. The company has good corporate clients, goodwill, no liability, no assets as well. I will be able to add value to the existing product range by enhancing the electro-mechanical machines to computerized / sophisticated versions. Beside, I have my own product range and patent to explore. Investors / Partners are welcome.

Thanks & Best Regards,

Satish Pathak

+91 77385 09667


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Hello sir,

Can you give me more details about the company. you can send me an email on anand.joshi@anrk.in or ananddjo@gmail.com

Hello Sir,

Can you please share more details about the company.My email is kadam.bhaskar12@gmail.com

Thank you,



Dear Satish,

Would like to know about your offer in detail and if possible let us meet and understand your product portfolio, kind of investment you are looking for and my role in this venture.

Please share all details at "ashwinikumarpatil@gmail.com" or call me at + 91 97 65 39 21 89

Warm regards 

Ashwinikumar Patil 

Dear Mr. Pathak,

Can you please provide more details about the company and the product range at ssventures1@gmail.com?



dear sir,

Please mail details on prashantrd1980@gmail.com



this anup khandelwal

Email ID:anp_khandelwal@rediffmail.com


this sunil panchal

Email ID:psunil18@gmail.com


Seems like you have got a good response. If you have not already closed the deal then please mail me the details at randhir.sinha@gmail.com



Hello Mr. Pathak,


Please share more details about the company on my mail id - menilesh@gmail.com




Hello Mr. Pathak,

If the requirement is till in a open position, then I would like to know more details like exact business type, products, required investments and other important details.

I am reachable at: prasannarapate@gmail.com

-Thank you.

Please share the details - vinod.porwal@gmail.com


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