You think you have a great idea or more? You think you know the way( business plan)? You know the competitors? You know your market? You know your taget group? You know busines.......let's talk then.

I am looking for good investment opportunities in Pune. As of today, no particular business area in mind but definitely not in any kind of heavy/ mechanical engineering etc., what i don't understand. Media, Advertising eCommerce, Service Sector etc. would be preferred.

Feel free to write me directly regarding your ideas, efforts and kind of help needed (money, resources, mentorship etc.).

Mandar Ambekar

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pl advise suitable time to speak.

Regards, Madhuri 9822912827

@ Madhuri,

Thanks for your reply. please write me about your idea/ plan etc. Send me the presentation on mandarambekar75@yahoo.de. I am not going to call without having any initial information. It will be waste of time for me/ you.



Hello Mandar,

I am keen to find a local pune resident partner for one of my following ecommerce ventures, It is preferred to be investment + personal time involvement.

CrackersnParty.in - marketplace for crackers n party items

Kothrud.com - potentially India's first Geo Location Marketplace in the making. 

RightDeal.in - an online Edu store for Pre to Primary Schooling kids. A new Online Library initiative was launched recently under this venture called 'Young Readers Club' (yrc.rightdeal.in) and this 'reading' initiative works closely with preschools. I am likely to convert RightDeal.in into Edu Marketplace targeting Pune based medium scale Edu stores.

Do let me know if any of these interests you..

I can be reached at +918888658447. Please let me know your preferred time to discuss further.

Thanks & regards,


Hi Mandar,

Kindly call me on 9922460357. I have a couple of very good ideas.


Himanshu Mehta.

hi Mandar , you can go through my startup www.info4kids.com . you can reach me on 7387465558 or thomas.abraham847@gmail.com to discuss.

Hi, Let us get connected on punegravity@gmail.com

Sure , pls suggest a convenient time to discuss.




hi Mandar,

I am looking for a co-founder based in Pune. My MVP is ready, www.itgyani.com . Please feel free to call at +91 9545550083.

It is a e-learning skill development platform.

Hey, I have couple of ideas (Healthcare and Socio-Economy) and I have carried out a initial SWOT analysis for the same. We can connect on patankarbal81@gmail.com or 9545088458.


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