Hi There,
We are a FinTech startup. Our product is in its pre-launch stage ready to be launched.
We are currently looking for investment as well as incubation.
Please contact for further details about our product.

Thanking you,
Tushna Pandey
Co-Founder & CEO

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Hi Tushna,

Please provide more details on ashok.yadaav@gmail.com

Hi Ashok,

Kindly check your email I have forwarded you details about our product.

Looking forward for your response and further help.

Thanks and Regards,


Please share more details on this mail id - sunil.joshi@sanadvisors.com


Kindly check your email. I have forwarded you details about our product.

Thanking you,
Tushna Pandey

Hi tushna , in case if you are looking for a incubation/coworking space

Starthub : Pune's coolest co-working space in koregaon park (www.starthub.in)

Hi dear all, 

this is Nikhil from Starthub co-working spaces in koregaon Park-Pune. Hope this email finds you in great spirits. This is just a gentle remainder to help you remember our co working spaces for various needs for your hustle in the field. Whether its, Conference Room for important meetings or work desks for sporadic day uses or night sifts, to monthly plans, we got it all covered. 

"Starthub" pune's coolest coworking space in koregaon park
Offering the best infrastructure like welcome lounge, chill-out space, pantry, conference room, dedicated front desk, concierge with basics such as 24/7 internet connectivity, beverages and internally cooled. all this at a unbeatable rate that you are paying at your current space right now !
check out www.starthub.in right now, and find your space to co-work amongst the pune brightest hustlers like you !
check for more details at: www.starthub.in

If you need some clarity on the plans mentioned on the brochures given to you, please don't hesitate to give us a call. As well as, if someone from your network is in the need of the same, please do spread the love ! 

You are welcome to come and give it a visit anytime and see for yourself the positive vibes Starthub's got here for you.  



+ 91 8412804411 


Hi Nikhil,

Thank you for the kind information. I will surely have a look into this.

Thank you,
Tushna Pandey

Hi Tushna

You may get in touch on chetan.mlist@gmail.com

Apology for the previous post and using current forum to contact you, as the previous post was due to some misunderstanding.

I have not and i do not want to comment anything about SCB or you.

Could you share more details. Including if self funded or have already raised a round? and cap table , target market size , and customer validations if any. rajnukala.at.yahoo




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