Hi All,

Its a pleasure to introduce my humble beginning in a grilling but satisfying world of Entrepreneurship!

So one rather simple question which stuck me before we built Dealocity.com was, if I can get the online deals on LED TV on a click or tap then why should't I be knowing the best deals in my very own city? Why do I need to shop-hop?
If I can browse snapdeal why I cannot browse Radhika Sales of Pune?

And here we are, trying hard so that you don't have to shop-hop in Pune.
And while I shop-hopped in Pune (so that you don't have to), to my utter surprise, there are some steal-deals available in your very own city...and you just don't know about it!
The prices are, at times, even better than online!!! Please do check it to believe it!

How It Works:
1- Find the best deal say on Washing Machines on Dealocity.com
2- Get Seller Contact Details.
3- Go to Store & Grab the Deal. No coupon codes required just mention Dealocity!
So before you buy anything online this Diwali for your home, office...please check it on Dealocity! You might bust some myths!

Some More Features of Dealocity:
***Planning to buy a Microwave? Let Dealocity help you. 
    Subscribe to Microwave category and get notified "only" for Microwave Deals in Pune.
    No spam, only what you are looking for. And I love to call it "Your Wish is My Command" :)

***Search on Dealocity.com for your area, say Wakad, in search bar and get all Wakad Deals!   "TV Wakad" also works and so does "Samsung TV Wakad"!
  You can also search for a store say Radhika or a Brand say LG!

***Find Deals by default, but find sellers as well, if you will.
Hope our efforts are of some help to you.

Encourage us socially:

Looking forward for your feedback/suggestions.

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Hi Kumar,

All Social Networks have how-to pages for this...just google it out! You have to create a Profile and/or a Page and then a link of the same page on your website...that's it. Social plugins are also provided by these networks which you can put it on your website e.g. no of likes etc.

Trust it helps.

Plz do like my FB page..! :-)


PS: Beat the Heat...Best Air Conditioner Deals in Pune only on Dealocity.com!


All the BEST !!!. Nice Initiative.

Thanks Sachindra! Great to know that you liked Dealocity.com

Help us to spread the word!


Hope you are doing well and this Concept of omni channel is the future. If you need any suggestion you can contact me at prashanttomar90@gmail.com

Thanks Prashant, good to know that you liked Dealocity.com! You can help us by spreading the word about us. Let us know in what other ways you wish to help us.

FB - www.facebook.com/dealsinpune


PS: Beat the Heat...Best Air Conditioner Deals in Pune only on Dealocity.com!


maybe i can help you grow your start up its just i would like to know your business and revenue model first and you are working on omni channel.....surely i can help after understanding your business...

thanks and regards
Prashant kumar tomer

Dear Mayank,

All the best for your startup.

Let me know if you have any video requirements.

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Hi mayank, its a great concept. let us know if we can be any help for you 
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Hi mayank,

We are developing solution for retail industry. I would like listen you on your experience in dealocity venture. how can I contact you ? please share your contact or otherwise reach me on spechem@rediffmail.com



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