Hi All,

Its a pleasure to introduce my humble beginning in a grilling but satisfying world of Entrepreneurship!

So one rather simple question which stuck me before we built Dealocity.com was, if I can get the online deals on LED TV on a click or tap then why should't I be knowing the best deals in my very own city? Why do I need to shop-hop?
If I can browse snapdeal why I cannot browse Radhika Sales of Pune?

And here we are, trying hard so that you don't have to shop-hop in Pune.
And while I shop-hopped in Pune (so that you don't have to), to my utter surprise, there are some steal-deals available in your very own city...and you just don't know about it!
The prices are, at times, even better than online!!! Please do check it to believe it!

How It Works:
1- Find the best deal say on Washing Machines on Dealocity.com
2- Get Seller Contact Details.
3- Go to Store & Grab the Deal. No coupon codes required just mention Dealocity!
So before you buy anything online this Diwali for your home, office...please check it on Dealocity! You might bust some myths!

Some More Features of Dealocity:
***Planning to buy a Microwave? Let Dealocity help you. 
    Subscribe to Microwave category and get notified "only" for Microwave Deals in Pune.
    No spam, only what you are looking for. And I love to call it "Your Wish is My Command" :)

***Search on Dealocity.com for your area, say Wakad, in search bar and get all Wakad Deals!   "TV Wakad" also works and so does "Samsung TV Wakad"!
  You can also search for a store say Radhika or a Brand say LG!

***Find Deals by default, but find sellers as well, if you will.
Hope our efforts are of some help to you.

Encourage us socially:

Looking forward for your feedback/suggestions.

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Cool startup..All the best :)

Thanks Kunal, Shouvik & Vaibhav!

Kunal, you can get in touch with me on hello@dealocity.com

Hopefully THIS GOES BIG . Well what i like bout your idea is now we dont have to wait for delivery for 5 days or so.. jus go on ur website .. see if things are available in and aroud ur place.... n get it... even if its say 5 % extra u r getting what u require instantly... and the best thing is u ll get to know how E-commerce websites makes fool of us, by increasing the MRP and then giving discount. Would love to know the progress this idea makes in the market...would suggest to serve for functions like marriage and parties and similar conditions, cos thats a place where u need things from in and around the market instantly.

All the best Dude... 

Thanks Sherin for your wishes!

We will leave no stone un-turned but it's the users who will ultimately decide if this will GO BIG!

As you rightly said, quick can only be done from city stores and even more, the product can be changed right away if its DOA, as with e-commerce the pain usually starts with returns.

For the prices, even I though that "Best Prices" means "Online" before I did Dealocity. I am saying it again, do check it and you will bust some Big Myths!

Also here you get Deals like Buy a 4K 3D SmartTV+FrontLoad WM+DoubleDoor Ref. for 150000! Minimum Online Price of only the TV here is 133700 bucks. Shall I say...myth busted!!! :-) And how about 3 friends were planning to buy TV, WM & Ref.

Lastly in the world of junk emails and bugging app notifications...we have kept it a little old school, pls do subscribe on Dealocity and we promise that you get notified "only" about what you wanted! And say if you are out, just search Aundh for e.g., on Dealocity App or website to get all Aundh Deals!

M right now working in kuwait, but by december I'll be leaving my job and coming down to pune for my startup. Keeping things old school is what that is needed. Cos when u are doing that u r now doing things differently and by that i mean you will have to put in more efforts. I will be launching my website related to construction industry by next month . Hope will stand next to each other one day in the list of the companies that made it big. ;)

All the very best to you too! Cheers for Entrepreneurship...let's keep the spirits high!

Will be happy to help you in all possible ways I can.

All the Best Mayank for your new venture. I have checked the web site and  it has facility to select the products that we want and we can contact respective dealers mentioned in it. Do you also plan to introduce online buying and home delivery on the lines of other e-commerce sites?

Thanks Milind for your wishes!

Yes, we do plan to enable "Local Commerce" in lines of e-comm when you will buy from Dealocity and the products get delivered within hours to you, checked, installed and even gets replaced right away if it's dead on arrival (DOA) or even if you got the wrong colour....but this will happen when we get funded! Till then you have to visit the store to grab the deals...and yes just mention Dealocity! No coupon codes required. :-)

Please do subscribe on Dealocity so that you do not miss a great deal and we promise that you get notified "only" about what you wanted!

Hope it will help you.

Dear Mayank,

Congrats.I really appreciate your idea.It will help and support the Local stores to increase their sales and benefit the consumer with many benefits.The businessmen will be happy to Add his stores.Pl try to scale up Pan India basis,so your venture is required by a lot of local stores

All the Best
Mallikarjun Bengaluru

Thanks Mallikarjun for your wishes!

Yes one of the thoughts behind Dealocity was to give the control of advertising right into retailer's hands, give them a level playing field at par with e-comm websites and it should be affordable too. Retailers can create the deals, all by themselves using a web interface, schedule the display and expiry of ads, update ads, as per there business needs. We believed that no-one should be a party to retailer's business decisions!

We do have ambitions to take Dealocity pan India but we cannot do it while we are bootstrapping! Once we get funded, we will expand to other cities. Hope some investors are reading this... :-)

Can you please provide your contact details?


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