INTRODUCING BOOKABOOK: A Brand new way to read books. An Online store where you can BUY as well as RENT books.Why buy all the times when you can RENT, READ & RETURN

We really don't bother about books after reading them, it either gets old lying somewhere in shelf or someone borrows it to never return it back. Not anymore we are introducing new way to read book.An Online Bookstore where you can BUY as well as RENT books. We RENT 100% ORIGINAL BOOKS at upto 80% off that mean you can READ 4 BOOKS at the price of 1 BOOK. The problem with existing service is we often end up with OLD & TORNED UP BOOKS. At Bookabook all books are PRE & POST PROCESSED to ensure FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE everytime. Guess what we provide 2 WAY FREE SHIPPING that is books are DELIVERED a well as PICKED UP from your location. So just order & relax we'll take care of the rest. We have over Half million titles in ENGLISH, HINDI, MARATHI. At 80% off you can RENT BOOKS cheaper than PIRATED BOOKS, Lets fight Piracy. Also every BOOK you RENT on Bookabook is donated to NGO, so you're making a difference.See what's changed about Library is everything.

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Brilliant store.

Very easy to surf and find a book.

Why dont u have monthly plans?  Wont that model attract more customers?



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