Dear All,

After being in startup community for almost an year now, one thing I had observed is the way individual identity is dependent on one simple and blatant question... "Introduce yourself"

The first impression is nothing but the answer to this question which could be your long lasting impression. And its necessary to master it considering the current ecosystem where we introduce ourselves atleast 3-4 times in a single day.

A promising introduction should not take more than 45-60 seconds because post that its just repeat of words. 100-120 words are perfect. It will keep you Slow and steady at the same time you feel confident and organize your thoughts better. (Avoid being STEVE WOODMORE - 675 WPM Record holder).

Coming from a self-centric perspective, introduction should not talk only about your work. It should talk about

1. Passion

2. Mission

3. Vocation

4. Profession

Here is my introduction.

" Hi everyone. I am Yash Rane, Director and CEO at Chizel. Our company explores untouched application of 3D printing and we majorly deal with Architects today where we offer them miniature model of urban development designs and projects. Our company aims to be the front face of the 3D printing revolution in India

Talking to new people boost my adrenaline and learning. Hence I am closely volunteering in ASME and POCC. Though I am young graduate from IIT Roorkee, I have good connect with beats. I play drums intermittently and compose electronic beats during leisure hours. "

DO share your reviews. I would appreciate more people introducing themselves here. People learn better through observation

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 We at Vexma Technologies private limited have been providing 3d printing solutions with product development and IOT services since we incorporated on 7th Jan 2015. We are one of the first 3d solutions provider fusing embedded systems and IOT services catering clients from MNC's, like Bombardier, ABB as well as large number of IOT start-ups in the western state of India. We have exported our services to start-ups based in the UK, EU and States as well. We have a large nation-wide presence in the Indian sub-continent assisting other product development and R&D based companies providing them with high-end 3d printing solutions. We have gained support from major 3d printing materials provider such as Taulman, Ninjatek, Formfutura, Colorfabb, Protopasta and others not as a re-seller, but as a solutions provider using their branded materials in our services.

We have been actively engaged in educating the doctors, engineers and architects of the region on how 3d printing embedded with IOT will path a new way of integrated ecosystem changing how they perceive the future. Our R&D lab, the “Vexma Labs” is currently engaged in the developing new IOT based technologies for the home consumer electronics and Meditech Industries using 3d printing solutions.

We would like your esteem 3d  association  to recognize and let us be part of your wonderful 3d printing eco-system.


Shaurin S. Patel


Vexma Technologies private limited.



Hi Dear and near All,,

Greetings of the day,!!!

I am Prasad,

I have just started a new Start-up.
That is a Machine.

Sanitary Napkin Vending and Burning Machine for Schools, Hostels, Hospitals, College, etc....

That products is very important for any of them where are ladies are working.

So that is direct or indirectly the Social work from my side to reduce the Pollution of the world.

Thanks for reading my article and of if you want to take whole Information or details you can call me or email me your concern on following details.....

Best Regards,

Prasad Ohale,
Shree Prasad Enterprises,
Mobile No. 9552 141 141
8237 141 141
Email id -

Hello Prasad,

This very good Idea. This really need for our country.

Please more details on my email and 9850657473.




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