Dear All,

After being in startup community for almost an year now, one thing I had observed is the way individual identity is dependent on one simple and blatant question... "Introduce yourself"

The first impression is nothing but the answer to this question which could be your long lasting impression. And its necessary to master it considering the current ecosystem where we introduce ourselves atleast 3-4 times in a single day.

A promising introduction should not take more than 45-60 seconds because post that its just repeat of words. 100-120 words are perfect. It will keep you Slow and steady at the same time you feel confident and organize your thoughts better. (Avoid being STEVE WOODMORE - 675 WPM Record holder).

Coming from a self-centric perspective, introduction should not talk only about your work. It should talk about

1. Passion

2. Mission

3. Vocation

4. Profession

Here is my introduction.

" Hi everyone. I am Yash Rane, Director and CEO at Chizel. Our company explores untouched application of 3D printing and we majorly deal with Architects today where we offer them miniature model of urban development designs and projects. Our company aims to be the front face of the 3D printing revolution in India

Talking to new people boost my adrenaline and learning. Hence I am closely volunteering in ASME and POCC. Though I am young graduate from IIT Roorkee, I have good connect with beats. I play drums intermittently and compose electronic beats during leisure hours. "

DO share your reviews. I would appreciate more people introducing themselves here. People learn better through observation

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Myself Bhushan Sale,Founder of and owner of chocolate room,Franchise Pune.

Hello everyone. I am Shailendra Mathur, Director and Co-founder at Zywie Technologies

Zywie is a healthcare and clinic management software. In its first version Zywie will enable:

  • Receptionists and doctors to book appointments and change existing ones 
  • Doctors to view their consolidated calendar, past medications and diagnosis of patients, and 
  • Patients to get automated reminders for appointments and medications.

Going forward, we want to expand Zywie to make it a single platform for addressing the diverse needs of all actors in the medical and healthcare ecosystem. Further, we want to leverage technological advances to enable cheaper, more efficient and predictable healthcare for everyone. 

Hi! I am Suchit. My passion is building products that helps people solve their challenges. I am CEO of Cognifront. My company develops excellent Engineering education software. We help teachers save 30% time and efforts and help students score 20% more marks in exams.

I play Tabla, and spend great time entertaining my kids Siraj and Aditya. My wife Meghana is my second love after Technology. One of my latest fad is driving my new sedan at 160 km/hr while playing loud music! :)

HI Suchit,

We would like to meet you as we are working with engineering colleges across Maharashtra, Karnataka and Goa. Do contact me on 7720010049



Hello Everyone,

It is my pleasure to introduce Espacio design studio located at pune headed by my wife Architect Manasi and me in as an associative role providing services in the area of architecture, landscape and interior designing.

We provide comprehensive architectural, landscape and interior design services for a distinct clientele including residential, restaurant, commercial, industrial and institutional projects for reputed clients. Through disciplined design and exceptional client service we strive hard for the success of each project.

About Manasi being a woman entrepreneur and a puniete she is very attached to this city emotionally and culturally. We as a person have my utter respect for Pune city for being a symbol of maharashtrian culture, traditions, quality education and providing opportunities for many aspirants in educational and commercial sectors. We feel part of the city and always had a feeling to do some innovative and quality work for the city in the field of architecture, landscaping being an architect.

This is a first step to get introduced to friendly members of POCC and build a strong and positive partnership to work collaboratively.

email :

Thank you.


Yours truly

Architect Manasi K Pardeshi & Kunal Pardeshi



I am Shravani, founder of Ardizen. I have graduated from BITS Pilani in 2012 and been running my company since then. Recently we also opened another art platform called Artenthuse.

Ardizen deals in paintings,sculptures and installations. We have many clients including Tatas, and Shapoorji Pallonji as well. We also rent out paintings. The primary goal for us is to make art more accessible. We have over 500 artists working with us.


Hello everyone,

I am Gajanan Jannawar, Founder Director of AppBell Technologies Pvt Ltd ( I have started my venture two years back. Before starting my own venture, I worked with big MNCs Cognizant, Wipro, Sungard.

My expertise is building enterprise products using Mobile & Cloud technologies.

Products developed by AppBell


iSpot4u product has many applications like School Bus Security, Field staff management, Cab scheduling etc. iSpot4u applications helps in improving Efficiency & Effectiveness of various business processes in addition to improve security aspects by Timely Communication.


iMenu4u is the end to end eco system for restaurant businesses where restaurant has medium to advertise its own brand using Android & iOS markets as well has system to process online orders. It’s cloud based system where businesses do not have to worry about managing the system and can focus on increasing sale.


My contact details;

Mobile: +91 9850998864



Hello Everyone,

Myself Rohan Khedkar, Co-founder & CEO at Creintech Solutions

We started Creintech solutions with mission to produce radically innovative companies with the creative, intensive & interactive approach. We explore wide range of ideas, technologies to introduce & launch innovative companies to the world.

Recently, on 25th December 2014, we have launched - India’s biggest marketplace and one-stop-solution for people looking for various adventurous activities and for all the groups and organizations related to adventure sports and travel industry. Our goal is to bring all the adventure and outdoor enthusiasts and adventure organizers on a common platform.

We are the winners of Tata First Dot - "Top 15 start-ups" throughout India conducted by National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN). We have also shortlisted as "Hottest 100 Tech Start Ups of 2014" by Exhibit Tech-Startup. Also we have shortlisted and getting chance to be part of RISE Alpha - Europe’s largest tech conference taking place in Hong Kong this year to represent Adventures365 in-front of 4000 people and potential investors all around the world.

Nice Startup. Wish you best wishes

@Hemant Jain: Thank you Hemant for your best wishes.. 


I am Jasmeet Sethi, a UX Designer by vocation, trying to setup an Innovation Consultancy practice - Tinkerform. We want to work with startups, helping them understand the wider role design can play to help them achieve success. We want to change the world one startup at a time.

"When problem seems to be not so simple and ideas seem to be tricky, we help startups innovate by identifying the right problem statement, its business value proposition and help them ideate.
Tell us your wildest dreams and we will tell you a way to make it happen. "

Hello everyone,

Short intro in Santosh way

Name - Mayank Patel

Markets - India

Catagory - Education

Current - Startup and Web Development Company 

Products - App -,,

Contact - Reach me at http://arthinfosoft.in


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